May 19, 2019

Public Discussion and Lotus History

lotus-1-300x225Right from Bahadur Shah to Gandhis Lotus is close to everyone. Significant part of the nations land is already under Lotus. With Amit Shah making intentions clear on West Bengal, Lotus will spread smiles with prosperity there as well. Time for Kerala and Tripura and Tamilnadu to fall in line.

What next?

MCD elections over and with that news traders can take a break for few days. More than BJP and  other political parties, news traders have a long drawn out schedule. Flying so called farmers from Chennai to Delhi NCR for a protest and then a photo shoot. Poor chap Mallaya is blamed for models on his calendar.

Government and news traders.

Both needs to get constructive and proactive. Why can’t news traders share good and motivating news? There are unavoidable bad news like accidents, drought etc. Cover them but if you don’t have a journalist who understand the subject then why cover it in detail. Talking about accidents, journalists should avoid talking to patients. They are anyway under trauma, why make it more painful for them.

Government too needs to get constructive in approach. While Maharashtra state goes for Journalists protection Bill, UP state sends legal notice to party worker of National Conference for spreading lies. All CMs and Cabinet Ministers should put an official clarification ( .jpec of the reality) on social media in multiple languages. Anyone making fun of Hindu religion and customs should be dealt with in matter of one hour. Right from PK to news traders, everyone keeps doing it.

All azaadi brigade should be sent to naxal affected area and made to work on removing land mines, doing labor jobs in affected areas. Using i phone and travelling business class is easy. Stone pelters needs to be shifted to some areas of India where stone breaking labor is required.

News traders should be booked for the IPC that Kamlesh Tiwari is arrested. Are Hindus not Humans? This is a question the Home Minister has to answer. Why can’t people who have threatened to kill PM be arrested? Why can’t people who have supported Azaadi be arrested? Why can’t the government ban media house who carry divisive content? Why can’t the government wake up to the needs of temples the way they care for Church and Mosque? Why can’t the government not ban media from airing sensitive content? Why can’t the government release an update on A to Z scams?

It will happen. We have faith in the PM. These are the things discussed in public. Faster the action, faster the growth.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter.


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