April 19, 2019

Quint & Ninda Happy Government

An online web portal which alleged goes by the name Quint has done an wonderful job of revealing half baked information to the whole world. The reason for saying the information as half baked is because, the portal now is checking whether the information they put earlier was true or not. The Quint guy are now are doing some kind of rechecking to ensure honesty, transparency and secularism in present to the extent required to keep the Ninda Happy Government on the back foot . The quality of the information that is available in the so called established news media outlets is so pathetic that even an semi-intelligent nation such as Pakistan laps it up to strengthen its case. The issue is about Kulbushan Jadhav, the alleged spy who was kidnapped by the ISI from outside of Pakistan in an effort to help the Lies- agencies like Quint and others to create bytes of information equating The Terrorist Breeder and India.

In the era of accountability, self control and plagiarism all of which are making the life of technical writers very difficult, the news writer seem to be having a jolly time. There seems to be no control on anything on what is written on the news portals because of the secular freedom of expression protected by the powerful daddies called Black Coats. The sources, dreams, fantasies and some masala are used in right quantities to get a story to suit a particular agenda according to the needs of the money bag funders of the news portals. The writers are not at fault, but the moneybags are the real criminals,” Mainos behind MMS.” Why would a two bit fantasy writer who calls themselves as journalists have to go great lengths to cook up a story when they can write the easier part of telling the story from the Indian side, after all the family of the Indian were abused by the Terrorist State.

There are hundreds of online portals telling different versions of the same story but what one should get worried about the ways of this particular website. The first step was testing the will of the ninda happy government. A soldier was stung by a video post and then a fantasy article was published leading to the death of the soldier. The ninda happy government has been busy sleeping with the decision whether to impose a one day ban another TV channel, that they did not find it right to think about the death of the soldier. For the ninda happy government, several people die and the solider death due to the wrong deeds of the news traders is not an issue because the freedoms of expression of a few are more important to protect the Black Coat’s basic structure of the constitution.

The news traders have roasted the ninda happy government over the secular coals, when an army personnel has tied a anti-national Islamic stone pelter over a jeep. But when the soldier is dead because of anti-national news trader’s act, the ninda happy government is busy just like their friends in the courts, Not deciding on an issue is also a decision and adjourning issues for ever is the greatest decision as the issue can be kept boiling and the children of black coats can continue the boiling of the nation’s mood and make their bread and biryani in connivance with aliens over the bodies of Indians.

The Quint people have done it again. This time with the sources being R & AW agents themselves, the fantasies of the authors have run wild. Even though it obvious to most individuals that Quint or other online left winged, anti-Indian biased and Hindu hating alleged news traders have no fear of any law because their secular daddies would help them in every issue. The secular coals are used only to roast the alleged semi-Hindutva ninda happy government and not others. The Quint have done a story to tell the world that this Jadav guy is a spy based on sources which can never be confirmed by anyone in the world, because the sources are in the minds of the journalists. The secularism disease is causing schizophrenia to the news traders of the secular kind because they tend to hear and see voice of their choice.

The one thing that should worry the ordinary citizens is that a terrorist state is taking references from a source with pathetic journalistic standard to abuse India. The ninda happy government would not see a quid pro quo between the Pakistan worshipping citizens news writers and the Paksitan state. Even if there is some quid pro quo, the black coats would provide secular cover to all the criminals and give such a long rope to the criminals that the ordinary citizens would get tired of pulling the rope and bring the curtains to the case. The Ninda happy government continues with its business without doing anything that matters to the small section of concerned citizens who are not poor but mildly rich and mostly taxpaying. The Ninda happy government considers this segment of citizens as aliens to it because these people ask too many questions and are not happy with sharing the speeches, photos, videos, etc of the ministers and the government.

Hope one day the Ninda Happy Government gets out to see that small segments matter and it is not always doles that work. Ninda Happy Government must act against Quint.


Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter @jgopikrishnan70 




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