April 19, 2019

Quota Politics: A New Way To Fuel Anarchy

The opposition parties in India severely lack an agenda to counter the government and therefore are resorting to anarchy and unrest to gain political mileage. What’s disturbing is the fact that lawlessness has become a new normal. Credit goes to the champion of Anarchy Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who does not even think twice before staging a dharna in LG’s office, and his party men take out a rally on the streets and claim victory at the end of the day after normal life gets disrupted.

The same model was in full display in Mumbai today. People had to bear the brunt of unrest in the garb of reservation for Marathas.

The ecosystem is working overtime to set the agenda for upcoming elections. With so many Prime Ministerial candidates in the fray and confusion in forging alliances, the cheerleaders of Youth Icon of the Country are bound to create unrest like Mandsaur and more incidents can be anticipated in poll-bound states.

People who were behind today’s bandh should be booked and held accountable to pay for damages to public property. Hooliganism in the name of quota politics needs to be nipped in the bud so that the likes of Prakash Ambedkar who were behind Dalit protests in Bhima Koregaon cannot get away scot-free after causing crores of damage to public property.

Politicisation of protests has become a hallmark of the opposition parties since they have nothing new to offer to their support base.


These protests have become a breeding ground for anti-social elements. They create mayhem and vanish with effortless ease. The same trend was visible in Tuticorin protests in Tamil Nadu. Any protest/bandh which leads to loss of public and private property should be made unlawful. Karnataka High Court has set an example when several pro-Kannadiga groups wanted to call for a bandh in Bengaluru because they wanted to protest against the Cauvery water distribution ruling. The High Court struck down the request stating people cannot be inconvenienced. There are other ways to stage protests as well. It’s high time Maharashtra and other state governments need to follow the example set by Karnataka High Court.

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