May 19, 2019

Radicalized Media

Majority of Indians thus far had been witness to Islamic and Christian Radicalized individuals in public domain. The radicalized individuals include Islamic Terrorists, Mullahs, Intellectuals, actors, doctors, and students. Most of these individuals have an inbuilt hate towards non-Muslims and they justify any crime against non-Muslims. The support for the Islamic Terrorist State of Pakistan by a section of Indian Muslims is because of the radicalization and the burning desire to live in a rule of hell. The supporters of the radicalized individuals are even more dangerous are most difficult to identify because they can come in many forms.

Most of the Indians believe that radicalized Christians are the missionary agents who walk the streets and try to do the propaganda for Jesus in the hope of harvesting souls. But what Indians forget that the most radicalized individuals are the padres who hold control over masses and could make a individual to accept raping his own daughter. The radicalized Christians can abuse kids with no second thoughts and yet the head of the institute remains silent and not one individual speaks against the inhumanity of the ideology that walks proud of its crimes. How many Indians have dared to talk about the continued crimes of the Church and the radicalized padres, nuns and their rice bag agents?

These two groups are known to some but the most hidden radicals are in the media. The radicalized media individuals want the complete destruction and submission of Hindus to the bigotry of the radicalized Christians and Muslims. The radicalized media would never lose an opportunity to take the Hindus on a guilt trip. A guilt ridden society would walk down a suicidal path of self destruction. We are seeing this suicidal nature in the crime hiding attitude of a set of nation in Europe just to not cause a feel of insult in some communities. These nations do not have any issue when their citizens are suffering and ensure that the radicalized criminals are fed nicely by the taxes paid by the current generation or from the loot of the colonial past.

Indian radicalized media want Hindus to take this suicidal path and are working very hard. In their efforts to trip the Hindus the radicalized media and their baby radicals in bollywood and other places work in tandem. A low grade baby radical can verbally attack the mid range Hindu leader and the entire media gang up and support the baby radical because the counter attack would be too harsh. The guilt ridden Hindus for fear of being targeted remain silent and take up the abuses without much retaliation and the baby radical moves up the ladder. Have ever seen a low level Hindu verbally attacking a mid level Christian or Muslim leader without facing persecution from the Minority Compliant Indian State?

The radicalized media picks up a issue not for the sake of the truth but only for the sake of abusing Hindus. Not one issue has been taken up for the sake of bringing justice or for finding the truth. The trillion dollar loot by the Christian Compliant Maino Government was never an issue. The death of a newly wedded wife of the popular intellectual was never an issue. The abuse of women by a Muslims was never an issue and the radicalized media goes to the extent of character assassination of the petitioners for equality in Muslim community. The deaths of kids, rapes of women, molestation of students, stealing of murtis, and explosion of humans were never an issue for the radicalized media. The public are being fed the importance of the life of Christians and Muslims over the lives of Hindus because the safety and prosperity of the former two is a test of Indian bigoted Secularism according to the radicalized media.

The question then arises who had radicalized the media and the answer would be the source of their funding. Media whose viewership is close to nil goes and files PIL against the government and the ministers make a bee line to the media house to give their perspective of governance. A coward only submits to radicals and a person of virtue and self respect would not bow to the radical. A Bhagat Singh never surrendered to British, Shivaji never surrendered to Mughals and  Ambedkar never surrendered to untouchability. All great Hindus have always fought back against the radicalized individuals from times immemorial and Hindus continue to exist in the land of Bharat. After failing by violent methods, the violent creeds seem to have realized that the only way to kill the Hindu society is by self destruction.

Only time will tell whether the Hindus will blow themselves up as a society or the Radicalized Media blows up itself out of existence. The probability of the latter seems to be much higher.

Thanks to @DrShobha 

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