May 24, 2019

RaGa as NPA and Transition to Grand Masti Mandal

The government has given a three month window to people to come clean and declare undisclosed income and join mainstream by paying a penalty. Kejriwal has asked Modi to declare his degrees. Multiple people are demanding some declaration or the other, I urge Mrs Sonia Gandhi to declare Rahul Gandhi as Non Performing Assest of Indian National Congress. Declaring RaGa as NPA should not be the last step . He should be “Written Off” the books the way L K Advani was “Written Off” to “Margdarshak Mandal”. Since the Grand Old Party does no have a Margdarshak Mandal, they should form a “MaujMasti Mandal” and make Digvijay Singh the chairman and Rahul could get Vice President post of MaujMasti Mandal.

Oh Wait!. Since INC is the Grand Old Party of the country, it makes sense to rebrand the “MaujMasti Mandal” to “Grand Masti Mandal”. The “Assets” (read “Tunch maal”) for this mandal could be chosen by Digvijay’s Singh’s roving eye. Accounts Payable Department for this mandal could be handed over to AP(Ahmed Patel). His experience in AugustaWestland could come handy. Abhishek Manu Singhvi could handle the legalities given his rich experience in the CD episode. They could rope in Mr Yeti , the minister who resigned from Karnataka gov for his sexcapades, for additional charge. The sleaze runs deep in the party. Nehru has always led by (Edwina) example. ND Tiwari has shown that libido does not dwindle with age.

RaGa may not need to leave for Bangkok for Vipassana.  He could relieve the same experience in “Grand Masti Mandal”. Long Live Grand Old Party.!!!!

Picture Credit: News Mobile

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