April 23, 2019

Rahul China Bhai Bhai !!!

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that opinion doesn’t have to always appreciate the government and it’s decisions.

Dissent and criticism are part and parcel of the political discourse and a liberal democracy like ours has a healthy splattering of critics and dissenters.

But criticism nowadays has become the only criterion of ‘appreciation’ of anything the government does. The opponent’s of MODI and his government have no words of appreciation for whatever he does, he has to be lambasted for anything and everything, that’s the new norm of the opposition because their desperation psychologically makes them believe that MODI ‘Can-do-no-Good’ .

‘ If you want me, bend over your back to woo me ‘ is the Chinese way of making friends. When India wanted a relationship on equal terms they spurned the hand of friendship and chose to go with Pakistan that was willing to go to any lengths to please the Chinese. The Pakistanis , experts at ‘Lap-doggery’ ditched the Americans and are now the favourite ‘lap dogs’ of the Chinese endorsing the fact that ‘ An enemy’s enemy is a friend ‘.

The recent Chinese activities are clear indicators of where the Indo-Chinese relationship is heading . And under Chairman Xi the tide may not recede in favour of a better correlation and understanding because an ambitious India doesn’t fit-into the Chinese game of Economic checkers .

To be seen with the Chinese is not a crime but a person of the stature of Mr. Rahul Gandhi having a discussion with the Chinese at an inopportune time is something that has to be debated.

The circumstances were not conducive and the manner in which @officeofRG first denied a meeting and then defended meeting the Chinese envoy casts a shadow on India’s diplomatic effort to defuse a situation not of its making .

The Chinese on their part first announced the meeting and then denied meeting Rahul casting a sinister halo on the whole episode .

Rahul Gandhi, the defacto Leader of Opposition and the defacto power behind the erstwhile UPA Govt isn’t a novice, he understands fully well the repercussions of hobnobbing with the Chinese who have made it clear that they intend to pressurise India into capitulation .

Rahul should have met the Chinese envoy sans the subterfuge, he should have taken the government into confidence and should have lead an all party delegation to meet the Chinese to drive home the point that India stands united .

The ‘Chupa Chuppi’ meeting has served to undermine India’s interests. The  Chinese haven’t just succeeded in diplomatically isolating India in the subcontinent , they have succeeded in the insidious destruction of the unity of the political class .

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from Twitter
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