April 21, 2019

Rahul Gandhi in the Cross hairs of History..

History has witnessed great Dynasties decline into oblivion to remain mere pages in history books.

The Dynasty of Jawaharlal Nehru is on the decline, it’s now up to the scion to prove that historic precedence isn’t always true.

Post independence, the reins of India has firmly been in the hands of Congress. A few upheavals saw coalition’s parties helm affairs, but for very short periods, never posing a big challenge to the Dynasty.

This decade witnessed a marked departure from the usual and sometimes predictable way that electoral battles were fought. Growth , Development and Governance took centre-stage relegating the oft tried & tested poll planks like Casteism, Secularism & ‘GAREBI HATAO’ (sic). A significant digress that caught the imagination of the people, and it unceremoniously ejected Congress from power putting the Dynasty on a retrogressive electoral trajectory.

A party that believed that ‘SUN never sets in their Dynasty’ abruptly found themselves groping in the dark .  Decimated by a steam roller called MODI.

Leadership transition in Congress is long overdue. But for some unknown reason, may be due to Sonia’s reluctance to relinquish leadership under pressure from the old guard or, Rahul biding his time, waiting for an opportune moment to assume leadership, the much awaited coronation remains in suspended animation.

Whatever the reason for the delay, a prospective Leader should always remember the basic tenet of leadership  – ‘ A great leader is one who leads from the front’, somehow this vital rule has failed to find place in Rahul’s scheme of things , his misplaced priorities and ambivalence has cost him the status of a credible Leader with the capacity to bulwark the relentless march of MODI bandwagon.

UPA II, when Congress coalition retained power, Rahul should have mustered the courage to install himself as Prime Minister, but no such thing happened. Midway. When they were mired in scandals , Rahul chickened out from assuming charge preferring to let Manmohan Singh take the flak with the sole intention of safeguarding himself from taint.

Similarly, during the general elections of 2014 he should have been bold enough to take charge, assume full responsibility irrespective of the outcome, but once again, as if to underline his lack of leadership acumen, Rahul forsaked another window of fortuity fearing defeat .

Rahul is a story of missed chances awfully unaware of the fact that fortitude knocks rarely, and Leaders are the ones who pounce to grab the chance on the first knock.
In stark contrast, Rahul’s nemesis – MODI is a tale of Man in Pursuit of challenges. A fighter willing to slug it out unmindful of the outcome. A visionary, an Orator and a canny politician who connects with the grassroots, whereas Rahul’s connect is only with his Coterie and ‘aye sayers’.

Rahul has floundered and his march of infamy with the ramnants of his Party in tow is heading into ‘nowhere land’ .

He is now forced to play second fiddle to Mamata Banerjee and even had to steal her slogan ‘ MODI Hatao – Desh Bachao’ , thereby proving that he is bereft of original ideas.

Indira Gandhi displayed raw courage, taking the traumatic expulsion in her stride, she fought her way back to power. Pitifully the genetic trait hasn’t percolated to her Grandson.

Ongoing drama in UP in itself is a lesson to Rahul. Here is a scion who has chosen to emerge from the shadows of the ‘Old gaurd’ (that includes his Father who is still a force to reckon with in UP) and the safety of an established party to courageously try his luck at the electoral hustlings.
Paradoxically , the scion of the Congress Dynasty is showing no signs of possessing the fire or the burning desire to swim against the tide in quest of glory. A life of comfort and unbridled power seems to have made him reticent dousing the fire in him.

By focusing on snide remarks and baseless accusations against MODI he has only succeeded in belittling himself. Immaturity is there for all to see. His lacklustre oratory is a big letdown and to complicate things further, his advisers have let him down badly.
The youthful freshness and the aura of a budding ‘Neta’ that were his USP’s a few years back has faded exposing a confused persona.

UP elections isn’t just a milestone, it’s a strategic ‘pitstop’ in the race to 2019. The onerous task of extricating the Congress from the morass of scandals that it’s mired in and take-on MODI is truly a ‘David Vs Goliath’ duel.

“The David of yore won , but can the David of Congress Dynasty ever WIN ?”


Picture Credit: Zee News 


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