April 24, 2019

Rahul in America 

Tsunami analogy had me stumped . “Tribals rush to the hills while others rush to gather the beached fish, ” he said , “the non-tribals perished,” implying that the Right Wingers are headed in the direction of the non- tribals to perish .

Reality went for a six –  much huger than what Chris Gayle could ever manage – for decades wasn’t it the poor and the deprived who were made to perish in tsunami after tsunami while the Dynasty and it’s elite supporters made it to high ground unscathed ?

Going ahead , he has this to say about dynasties , “Most parties in India are dynasties,” he unabashedly admits that he is a Dynast , and tries to laugh it off . “I do sort of try to change it in the Congress party ,” he says , but ‘sort of when ?’ , he conveniently forgets to mention .

Just like Pakistan’s policy of 1000 cuts , Rahul claims that Modi has policy of 1000 cuts against him, implying that the Prime Minister has nothing better to do but to employ 1000 trolls to badmouth him day in and day out .

The usual riff-raff about un-employment rate , demonetisation , lynching , Intolerance , farmer suicides , silencing of critics , Kashmir etc. Aft repeated issues were repeated again .

A neatly written speech readout perfectly ( don’t search for innuendoes here) . A neatly choreographed Q&A session adhered to the script .

To sum up – a Speech not for the diaspora in Berkeley , but was for the audience back home .  More of an election speech than a global outreach programme that was supposed to throw light on the roadmap for India that Congress envisions . A platform to eulogise our great nation was used by the Congress scion for political grandstanding and mudslinging .

Arrogance put paid to the Congress re-election bid in 2014, and if the tone and tenor at Berkeley is a barometer , then lessons haven’t been learnt . In all probability ‘Lessons will never be learnt’.

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