May 21, 2019

Rahul In US

In the normal course of events I pen down my thoughts after reading and deliberating. But today I am writing this article even while listening to Rahul in UC Berkley and going through the pathetic hashtag  #RGinUS.

Some points and blatant Hypocrisies have enraged me, I will touch on a few points:

First-Clothing of Rahul Gandhi

Modi ji as PM wore a Suit gifted to him by a Gujrati supporter on his son’s wedding (as per social customs) while hosting Obama in India-and Rahul Gandhi and media held the Parliament and Nation hostage over ‘Suit boot ki  Sarkar’ and ’10 lakh suit’.

Why? Because a humble chaiwalla dared to wear what was reserved for the ‘classes’ not ‘unwashed masses’? What is this? Suit boot ki in-waiting Sarkar? Will the media do a fortnight of debating on this suit boot?

Then Congress ministers are tweeting pictures of Rahul Gandhi in high end Jeans, Shirts, Tshirts, Belts,shoes et all -dining in Mansions!

My questions to media and congress is- are torn kurtas ( shown in public rally in UP) and khadi clothes only for unwashed masses in UP, Bihar? Such is his contempt for Hinterland Indians? Will Sagarika tell us the brands of the clothes Rahul is sporting abroad? Like she tried for Modiji- even promoting a humble Indian Shawl to the status of ‘Versace’ ? Or these clothes are his birthright? After all the salary of Modiji and Rahul Gandhi is the same – so can the media question him too? Amit Shah ji eats and stays in humble supporters homes, eats their humble meals and imparts dignity to them, Rahul is dining in Mansions, will Media question him?

Now on the ‘interaction’

Few points stood out for their Shamelessness
1) Rahul Gandhi claiming he is not a reluctant politician and saying ‘here am I’ Hey Rahul, you are in US,they don’t vote for you here, OK

2) Rahul preached in sanctamious, Tones that Congress did not believe in Violence, implying that BJP did- So Rahul Baba, what was 1984 sikh pogram all about-which your late father normalised as – ‘when a large tree falls,the earth shakes’ Will Media call him out on that?

3) Rahul ji Blabbered that unlike Modi ,Congress believed in conversations and blah blah- Well,Rahul ji,please clarify if Your Great Grandfather Nehru bought in 35-A,gave away Minsar,went to UN, gave away Aksai Chin etc via conversations with all stakeholders? Did your illustrious Grandmother Indira Gandhi impose Emergency in 1975 by conversations?
Well the media call out this?

4) The most Shameless assertion was his defence of Dynasty rule. He actually had the Audacity to claim ‘India runs like this’ naming Akhilesh, Stalin and ‘Dhumal’s Son’ as dynasts, conveniently forgetting Milind Deora, Sachin pilot, Gaurav Gogoi, Jyotiraditya Scindia and others, Well Rahul baba – India does not run ‘like this’. Indians have voted out Dynasties- Starting from gandhi -nehru – yourself -from centre, Akhilesh from UP, Stalin from TN, Gogoi from Assam, Anurag is in center-working to stay relevant!

So will the media call out this astounding Demeaning of India and the arrogance that Dynasts are entitled to rule? I doubt it very much. But this time, Rahul was not even Funny. He demeaned India, its citizenry and its PM abroad.

I can safely conclude, Rahul Gandhi’s US outing is a big failure from all fronts.

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