April 23, 2019

Rahul’s Fataa Kurta: #GaribiTourism

Rahul  Baba will never let us down. People who know him were not missing him just like that. They had a reason. Before we discuss the Fataa Kurtaa let us look back to enjoy the drama.

Rahul and all news traders had ball of a time painting the PM in bad light on the cost of his suit. Well FOE so be it. Let me use my FOE now. No matter what someone might say. Dude you look great in tie and suit. And PadDadaji also looks charming in suit and that HAT dad looked dapper in his fur lined long coat.



Rahul and his supporters should remember when you point a finger at MODI, own three fingers are pointing at you. MSM may forget or suppress facts but SOCIAL MEDIA can read between the lines.

So Rahul loves to eat at Gareeb ka Ghar. Brand new bucket, mug and soap case. The sticker on them is visible …… 🙂 bought may be a day before just to push #GaribiTourism 


Let us have khaana. So a poor family has Puri, rice, bhaaji and sparkling stainless steel plate and glass.


Labor job is not that easy, one has to soil their clothes. Not carry 100 grams of sand in a brand new plastic.


Hardships of campaigning in public. When the world is moving straight Mrs. Vadra thought of cherishing school days way back home. So she goes over a small pile of bricks. I can understand happiness of doing that. But the media found a story on the bricks even.


Be it Yoga or Gymming. Anything is good for fitness. And more so when you can run around the posh areas of  Delhi with tax payer sponsored commandos.


I don’t know whether Jijaji is confused or Saala saab is confused on portraying themselves as poor. But law gives support to anyone who wish to do charity.

And I see a Fusion of SUIT and Charity.


Before I sign off, one important screen shot on why US cable had to say EMPTY SUIT


I have one request, and expect all to join me in following up with Rahulji. Bhaai withdraws few thousand rupees. Then you goes to Europe, enjoys vacation. And still complain about Fata Kurta. Who is his travel agent? He should take some GARIB along with him next time. This is INCREDIBLE INDIA.

Some may not remember. On this day in 2013 in a Chintan Shivir Smt. Sonia Gandhi said …lavish and ostentatious displays of wealth, pomp and status? Does this not beg the question, where is this wealth coming from?” ( http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Corruption-in-politics-riling-people-Sonia-Gandhi-warns-party/articleshow/18081171.cms )

On a Serious note………

Mazdoor ka Kurta Fat taa Hai, Aur Ameer Kee Jaib Fat ti Hai.

जिनके पास कांग्रेस का रोटी कपडा और मकान का नारा है. उनकी आतमा और आत्म सम्मान फटा. कुरता नही .

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