May 24, 2019

#RaiseAToast: Mitron! Keep Your Spirits High

Marketing Wizards have been always busy with New Year Eve plans. This year it’s been a different story. Demonetization Blues seemed to hit the party circles to a reasonable extent. PM’s speech on New Year’s Eve at 7:30 PM today did get the folks at marketing thinking. A Blessing in Disguise? Yup! The kind of buzz PM’s addresses draw is unparalleled. Modi has never been a party spoiler. He, in fact, gets the party started. He raised the enthusiasm by addressing the crowd at Global Citizen Festival, Mumbai. He has the “Force” with him!

Social Offline, a chain of urban hangout, in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, sensed a great opportunity in PM’s address to the nation. Their creativity needs to be lauded. Social Offline has declared an offer you cannot refuse. Each time Modi says “Mitron” in his speech, you get a chance to gulp Beer at Rs31. A maximum of three beers can be claimed by one person in one hour. A balanced approach! They say a balanced man is one who can hold beer in both hands! Social Offline by offering 3 beers in one hour has raised the bar!!

Nightclubs, pubs and restaurants have made arrangements to telecast PM’s speech. I am no marketing genius but let me take the liberty of suggesting few more tricks for folks in F&B to get the money rolling. Since Beer has been earmarked for the word “Mitron”, I suggest  that every time “Bhaaiyon aur Beheno” is spoken two Tequila shots should be offered to the person who has claimed at least one Beer for word “Mitron”. For every “Desh” spoken, a Quarter of Jack Daniels. Caution: There is no “Deal” between “Desh” and “Daniels”. AAPtards! Stay away!! Oh Wait! There’s something for AAP folks. For every “Digital” spoken, lets offer AAPtards “Cocktails” because “sab mile hue hain” Since Modi believes in “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, how could I think of leaving AAP enthusiasts behind. For Congress crooks, Martini should be offered because they are shaken and stirred post demonetization.

Let’s raise a toast  and ring in the new year. Mitron! Let’s march ahead!!

Picture Credit: Indian Express


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