May 24, 2019

RAISINA Calling!

THE Hill that’s the abode of the ‘Rashtrapati’ has its tryst with the electoral process periodically .

Today marks another such period of transition.

‘Pranabda’ will bid adeiu and make way for ‘Ram Nath Kovind’ – results are not out but there can hardly be any surprises about the outcome .

Voting adhered to the script , no surprises were in store. The BJP and its allies have the numbers, with AIADMK and JDU throwing in their weight behind Kovind, he is assured of a pleasant stroll to Raisina Hill.

The opposition went beyond tokenism to put up a fight , they knew beforehand that they were fighting a losing battle but they had to fight hard because their unity was on test and reputation was on the block.

The seat of the President is at best ornamental in our Political system but past President’s have at times discarded the rubber stamp to assert themselves showing that the Hill doesn’t just tower over the Capital and the Nation, it towers over the elected class, if the incumbent wills.

The acrimony should have been avoided, the talk of clash of ideologies wasn’t appropriate and it ill behoves the Nation to elect the ‘Supreme Commander’ on the basis of caste , but elections without drama are alien to India.

An able Man departs handing over the reins to another able Man to guide the world’s greatest democracy on the path to peace and prosperity.

Picture Credit: Wiki, editing by Rishabh’s Lens


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