April 26, 2019

Rajdeep and Sagarika at the receiving End

I agree to disagree that targeting kids to get to their parents is fair. I also agree to disagree that wild allegations are ‘OK’ in a democracy. That said , I am now in a territory where my conscience tells me to defend Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghosh Sardesai but deeper down there is something that is trying to tell me that I am trying to defend the indefensible.

I am a Hindu and am happy with the way the country is run – this statement of mine qualifies me to be called a ‘Bhakt’, because highly rated journalists like Rajdeep & Sagarika are so averse to criticism that for them anybody who questions their wisdom is a Hindu Fundamentalist and such people will be bracketed with Islamic Fundamentalists without any qualms . Atrocious , but this is the norm among journalists who are nowadays referred to as the infamous ‘Luyten’ media.

Every Hindu is not ‘Fringe’. I believe that laws of the land have to be adhered to. I believe that whatever the incitement, I am not going to take up arms. And, lynching, killing and violence are abhorred by me just like every other human being who believes in God. But it hurts when journalists zealously equate us to a miniscule frenzied fringe at the behest of parties like Congress just because they are incapable of taking criticism in their stride.

For journalists , every misstep by a politician is an opportunity to explore and investigate. It’s an unmissable story for them. To question Amit Shah and Ajit Doval on the suspecious business practices of their sons is perfectly normal . But by persisting with a hawkish line, spinning conspiracy theories, creating a halo of a mystery and pre-judging through media trial with the sole intention of getting to their parents is a brand of journalism that is assiduously bent upon tarnishing somebody’s image with an ulterior motive to defame their targets at the behest of their political masters.

Sagarika Ghosh stepped out of the realm of decency when she tweeted, ” Will the husband at least visit her? Or are we not allowed to ask?”, referring to an accident the Prime Minister’s wife  Jashodaben met in Gujarat. Such cheap comments coming from a learned journalist, who is pretty well aware of the relationship , shows utter disdain towards privacy of two individuals. 

It is this kind of gutter talk that instigates people. The itch to retaliate intensifies resulting in a saga of abuse. Trolls unleashing a barrage of explatives that could otherwise have been avoided if Sagarika Ghosh and other such products of ‘Yellow Journalism’ hadn’t uttered an utterly contemptuous utterance with an utter disregard for propriety.

It’s uncouth to invade the privacy of others. Be it the case of young Ishan or the sons of afore mentioned politicians or the estranged wife of the Prime Minister. But when these biased journalists choose to be derisive, shamelessly peeping into others bedrooms, they cannot expect others not to peep into theirs. So playing the victim card might not attract a flood sympathies, at best they can bank on birds of the same shameless feathers to flock together to harp about anarchy, suppression of FOS and such nonsensical rhetoric.

I personally would appeal to the ‘Non-Fringe’ Hindus, who constitute a huge majority in comparison to some hard-line charterers, to refrain from throwing stones in a stinking gutter because by doing so we only sully ourselves. Let’s not belittle ourselves by stooping to the abject levels the yellow journalists have stooped to. Let them burn in the flames of hatred that they have lit .


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