April 20, 2019

Rajni – Will he occupy Tamil Nadu’s Throne?

Rajnikanth or Shivaji Roa Gaekwad is the Super star of Tamil Movie Industry and is an charismatic actor who was born on 12th  December 1950 in Bengaluru, India.

‘Singam or Thaliava’ is what his fans call him with great affection. Rajini is famous for his punch dialogue and style. Some of his famous lines like “Naan Eppo Varuven Eppadi Varuvennu Yarukkum Theriyathu… Eppo Varunamo Appo

Correcta Varuven” created hype among his fans, who have waited for over 20 years for his entry into politics.

Everything happens according to the Space & Time Fabric, the same which Rajini also used to say. ‘I will come to politics when there is space and time favours or when God wants me to come.’ This wait might have been too long but he did not disappoint his fans and on 31st December 2017 he announced his entry into politics with a target to contest elections in 2021.

On 3rd  December one of my friend’s in twitter asked me to predict about Rajini’s entry into politics. I feel this was God’s wish to prompt me to make an analysis based on Rajini ji’s horoscope. I casted his horoscope with the information available online and accurately predicted then that Rajiniji will definitely join politics and will face elections in 2021.

Rajini’s horoscope lagna is Leo and his Rashi is capricorn. When one sees the Birth chart it looks very normal but when we look at his Navamsha (a divisional chart), it reveals a lot. Mercury exalted, Jupiter placed in its own house, Venus in its own house, Moon exalted in Navamsha.

In Vedic Astrology Navamsha means one-ninth part of a zodiac sign. Both Rashi – chart and the Navamsha chart are deemed equally important and therefore are consulted together. Rashi chart provides overall information regarding the location of the planets and sensitive points such as the Lagna whereas Navamsha chart provides vital information regarding their active qualities and planets strength. Many people may have such positions but the key thing is Dasha, if a person gets right dasha running yogas in the chart will fructify. When I took his chart for analysis first thing I noticed was Dasha changing. His saturn dasha is completing in 1-1-2018 and Mercury Dasha starts from 1-1-2018. Mercury is the lord of his 2nd  house of accumulated wealth, family etc and 11th  house of gains is well placed in the 5th  house of throne or power. Mercury is placed with Venus, venus is the lord of both 3rd house of Media, small group, short travels etc and

10th  house of Job (our Duty, our Karma and in Navamsha Mercury is exalted. This showed Mercury Dasha would create some amazing opportunities. Then I looked his chart in Jaimini astrology angle which gives accurate prediction. Jaimini astrology is one branch of astrology like Parashara, founded by Jaimini rishi which can be leveraged to provide accurate predictions.

I found some Jaimini Rajayogas are happening and Jaimini’s chara dasha also is in favourable position. Dasha in Hindu astrology is used to indicate planetary

periods. The planetary period indicate when the good or bad effects are produced according to their placement of planets by sign, house (Bhava), aspects (Drishti) and combinations (Yogas and Raja Yogas). Dasha is the major period of a planet.

In Parashara method of astrology we call Dasha as Vimshottari Dasha which is planet based Dasha starts with the Janma Nakshatra of the planet in which an individual is born. In Jaimini system it is called Chara Dasha. Chara Dasha is a sign based dasha. In chara Dasha he is running Leo Dasha which is his Athamakaraka Sun’s Dasha the planet which holds highest degree in his chart and it is also his lagna lord (Athamakara is the soul planet which holds highest degree in the chart which has potential to create highest form of Rajayoga if placed well in a chart). His Athamakaraka Sun is placed in the 4th  house of Seat of power or it’s called Simhasana is aspected by exalted Mars who is also Gnati – Karaka (considered as

6th  house lord in his chart which signifies winning the competition or enemies with Bhatri- Karaka Moon significator of Small groups, art, Cinema etc (3rd house matters) and the Anthardasha in which he announced is pieces (Anthardasha is the extended period of a Mahadasha that is subdivided into various smaller periods), from pieces if we count planet Mercury his Amathyakaraka which is the minister planet, the planet which holds the second highest degree in the chart and it is the planet which helps to shine in one’s profession is placed 10th  from Anthardasha pieces and also 10th from Karakamsha lagna.

Karakamsha lagna is the lagna or the sign in which Athmakaraka planet sits in Navamsha, we have to consider that sign in Rashi chart as the Karakamsha lagna, Karakamsha lagna is very powerful technique in Jaimini astrology to find out career and other parts of life which is in this case is also Pieces forming Jaimini Rajyoga. In Jaimini astrology if Saturn or Mercury placed in the 10th  either from

Dasha, Anthardasha or Karakamsha Lagna gives high position in one’s profession. I saw this coming hence I was sure that he will announce his political entry. I can give more analysis of his chart but it becomes technically hard for the readers to digest or understand.

Jaimini RajaYogas in Rajini’s astrological chart :- Rajini has got high level of Jaimini Rajayogas in Navamsha. My Guru Mr. Marc Boney of Jaimini astrology always used to say even though great yogas are formed in Rashi chart, it is very important for the same planets to be strong in Navamsha to give good results. The major Rajayogas in Jaimini astrology is formed by Athmakaraka- AK(planet holding highest degree in the chart), Amathyakaraka AMK (Planet which hold second highest degree in the chart), Putrakaraka- PK(planet which hold 5th  highest degree equal to 5th lord in the Parashari system, Dharakaraka- DK (planet which holds 5th highest degree in the chart which is equal to the 5th  house in Parashari form of astrology) and 5th  house lord(He is the natural 5th  lord or the Putrakaraka in the chart). I will be using abbreviations to describe Rajayogas. The top 10 best Jaimini’s Rajayogas are –  1. AK + AMK, 2. AK + PK, 3. AK + DK, 4. AK + 5th  lord, 5. AMK + PK, 6. AMK + DK, 7. AMK + 5th lord, 8. PK + DK, 9. PK + 5th lord, 10. DK + 5th  lord. I have mentioned best Jaimini Rajayogas and the following depicts the Rajayogas which Rajini has.

When we look at Rajini’s Natal or Rashi chart we can find just one Jaimini Rajayoga formed in his Rashi chart which is DK venus + AMK Mercury together in Saggitarius which is 5th  from Lagna.  5th  house is the house of Rajya or the authority to rule and Saggitarius is such a sign which can take one person into heights at the same time it can pull him down also. As we analyze the strength of Venus and Mercury in Navamsha, both the planets are placed with strength in Navamsha, Venus in its own house and Mercury in its own and exalted house. Both are placed 10th  from the Karakamsha lagna given him career in Movie industry (in the earlier paras I already explained what is Karakamsha lagna).

But look at his Navamsha which shows the soul level of a person. Rajini has got great and high Jaimini Rajayogas happening in his Navamsha and also Swamsha lagna (Swamsha lagna is the lagna in which his AK or Athmakaraka planet is placed, Rajini’s AK planet is Sun and he is placed in Pieces Navamsha hence his Swamsha is Pieces). In Navamsha we can observe the best Rajayogas are happening between AK Sun + AMK Mercury, AK Sun + PK Jupiter, AMK Mercury + PK Jupiter, all these planets are placed strongly and also aspect or shed its drishti on each other hence it creates best Rajayoga(in Jaimini astrology drishtis or aspects is based on Rashis or sign based aspects, all dual Rashis – Pieces, Gemini, Virgo and Saggitarius aspect each other, Fixed signs aspect movable Rashis and Movable Rashis aspect Fixed rashis except the sign next to it). One can find in the above picture that all the green boxes in Navamsha chart aspect each other forming Rajayogas. Another best Rajayoga can be found in his Navamsha is the combination of Venus and Moon, venus placed in its own house and moon with venus in its exalted sign producing higher form of Rajayoga. These are the best Rajayogas found in Rajini’s chart gave him immense wealth, name, fame and high status.

There is a particular Navamsha Dasha which is called Padanadhamsa Dasha (great dasha). Padanadhamsa Dasha is a unique method of timing events which gives accurate predictions based on Navamsha. It is calculated using Pada of the lagna lord in Navamsha. Famous and great astrologer Shri K. N. Rao who is Guru to my Guru Mr. Marc Boney used to use PND dasha to analyse the exact timing of the event. When I calculated PND Dasha (Padanadhama Dasha) on Rajini’s chart, Saggitarius PND dasha started in 2016  and will last for 12 years.  By making saggitarius as the lagna or as the first house, I analysed the chart.  It was astonishing that the high level of Rajayogas are activating in his chart and also the strongly placed AMK Mercury is falling 10th  from Saggitarius aspected by well placed PK Jupiter in its swashetra (own house) in Saggitarius and 10th  from Swamsha lagna aspected by benefic planet Mercury from its own and exalted house. According to Jaimini, Jupiter placed in the 10th from Karakamsha lagna in Rashi chart and if aspected by Mercury, the person will live life like a king, US President Donald Trump has got this position in his Rashi chart, our Super star Rajini has got the same position in Navamsha chart, there is a difference here as the divisional charts are different, will this position in Navamsha chart will give him this position? Only time can tell.  There is an aspect of Malefic planet Saturn on these Rajayoga planets which would add blemishes to these yogas as Saturn is the planet of restriction.

Now let’s analyse Rajini’s chart by using a method called Argalas. Argala literally means a wooden bolt, that in ancient times was used to fasten a door or lid. It is termed “planetary intervention” in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. The idea appears to be that argala “bolts down” the effects of the planet or sign/house receiving it, helps ensure its results and makes them more definite. Planets present in the 2nd, 4th, 11th either from lagna, Karakamsha lagna, Moon and also from Dasha and Anthardhasha Argalas are formed. Also if there are malefic present in the 3rd house Argala is formed. Shuba Argala is formed when there are benefics in the trine house (5th or 9th). These Argalas should not be obstructed, planet in the 10th house obstructs the planet in the 4th house, 12th will be obstruction to the 2nd, planet in the 3rd house will form obstruction for the planet in the 11th, planet in the 5th will create obstruction to the planet in the 9th and wiseither from the Birth lagna, Karakamsha lagna, Arudha lagna or from Dasha bukthi Arglas are fe versa. In Rajini’s chart AK sun is present in the 4th house from lagna and there is no planet in the 10th house to obstruct. Having Benific planets Venus and Mercury in the 5th house from lagna creates Shuba Argla in his chart, there is no planet in the 9th house to obstruct. When we look from Karakamsha lagna strong GK Mars and BK Moon are in the 11th house creating Argala and PK Jupiter is placed 2nd from Moon and there is no Malefic in the 12th to obstruct hence creates best Yogas and it bolts down the good effects in the Chart. Because of the above astrological positions i strongly believe the stars would have made him to take political path. His success will also dependent on the planetary positions of his key political opponents.

In Parashari system Rajini has started with Mercury Dasha, Mercury represents young people, business class, friends and also Mercury brings change. As his political journey is going to be in his Mercury dasha, he aspiration will be to bring a change in the society. The support which he will get will be from youngsters, business people, friends and also his well wishers. Will he really be able to bring change is dependent on the day and time he is forming his party and also on the timing of the election.

What about his political future? Will he win the election? Will he become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu? If elections are held after  June 19th  2021, Rajiniji will have chances of winning the election and becoming Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The Vimshothari Dasha at that time would be Mercury Dasha and Venus Anthardasha has the potential of giving him success and also in Chara Dasha he will be running Leo Mahadasha and Leo Antardasha, which would give him Rajayoga or lion like stature. At the same time we have to analyze the horoscope of his opposition candidate to analyse the potential of his opponent. Rajini having exalted Mars in the 6th  house may have to face strong opposition but at the same time Mars will give power to win over his opponent.

Suppose if he becomes CM of Tamil Nadu, will he bring changes in the state? Surely he will bring change in the State as natural benefic planet Jupiter which is also signifies expansion and growth is strongly placed in the 7th  house of other people, this shows Rajini will not only bring spiritual changes, he will also bring positivity and growth to the state. I have tried to give minimum astrological facts here without going too much into its details which could be complicated to understand for readers.

I’m concluding this article with the grace of my Guru Paramahamsa Yogananda Swami and I wish Rajini Ji all the very best for his political journey and success.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia Foundation, Art by Vijay 2010, Playbuzz, hdkeep.com

Author :    Janani Rajagopal

Twitter: @BrilliantJans05


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