May 19, 2019

Ram – Mandir or Rajya

The ancient personality who has been troubling the Secular governments for a long time is none other than Shree Ram. The secular government had to give assurances that the bridge alleged built by Shree Ram would be protected forgoing the huge advantages that would come by reducing the travel distance between Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. The Secular government had to pay public money over the title suit of the birth place of Shree Ram which could have been used for the upliftment of the several hundreds of poor children. The violence that was caused in the name of Lord Ram could have been avoided if only the Ram Bhakths have accepted the presence of an alien structure saving a lot of lives and also public money. Shree Ram has been the most troubling character in the history of India and in whose name several fights have occurred. The great intellectuals donot want to put a stop to the cycle of violence and destruction and have went ahead with their pleads to the Black Courts for extending the status quo of confusion.

In a Secular nation like India, there should have been no riots in the name of any god because the government should take neutral stance and quell the rioters without any discrimination. The problem arises because the government has not taken a neutral stance but has sided with the Seculars most of the time and has treated the political and muscle power act as a religious one and painted a basic show of strength as a communal one. This incorrect diagnosis has led to more problems to the government and general public and yet the government is not taking a neutral stance. The time has come for the government to listen to understand that this nation is being slowly run on the basic rule of “Might is right” in several areas be it education or religious when the numbers and power structures favors some groups. The Ram Bhakth got to show their might once and the Secular Government couldnot tolerate the show of strength and has turned the problem on its head without giving clear answer to the problem it has created.

The problem of Babri Masjid or the other 40 thousand disappeared temple issues are going to rise their head soon than later because every community want their gods be treated as equal. Since we live in a democratic setup with equal rights and privileges there can be no escape from the various groups of citizens claiming the right to their ancestral temples and the temple breakers have to vacate the lands they are occupying illegally. How can a Secular government control stop the citizens from claiming religious rights and the ownership of the deities? The Secular government has made a big mess of the issue of temples and the aspirations of the people will only increase after the conclusion of the Shree Mandir issue because in the age of information, inspiration and internet people will come to know about things in a way that cannot be managed by the governments. The citizens of the current generation might be materialistic but there are quite a few who are rooted in tradition and are searching for truth.

When the history is dug up or the earth is dug up the revealing or findings of various artifacts are not a good sight for the government and the historians or the elders of the community. The deities being stolen, broken and insulted by various agents of intolerance will get a reply in kind by concerned people. There are several people who question about the renaissance of Hindutva after the reconstruction of Somnath temple or building of several other grand temples. A Dracula is pictures in movies as a lifeless but one drop of blood will give it life and a bite will make it very strong. The mind of a Hindu is like a Dracula, Somnath temple reconstruction is the first drop and Shree Ram temple at Ayodhya would be the first bite.

Whether violence will occur for more temples is very predictable because the Hindus being Ram Bhakths would not go for a war without giving ample time and chances for peace. When all else fails, war of some form is the only solution. The war may be in the courts, streets or the academics. Shree Ram will guide the people at the right time and one should only hope that the path to the reclamation to the thousands of destroyed temples is of ahimsa because “Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah, Dharma Himsa Thathaivacha”. The government should set aside the secularism and be religion neutral in making laws and also in implementing law or else the citizens would turn against the government which is not a good sign or a not a step forward to establish Ram Rajya. The Ram Bhakths only want Ram Rajya with a Ram Mandir and also every mandir rebuilt that was destroyed by invaders and there is no other way forward for the nation to progress. If not for Ram what are we?




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