May 23, 2019

Ram Museum : A Sweet Candy?

The announcement of Ram Museum, before Uttar Pradesh polls, in Ayodhya ticks all the boxes of political astuteness of BJP’s think tank . It’s indeed a well calculated move. Without running the risk of raising mandir issue, it has revived the fervor associated with Ram. Vinay Katiyar has compared the museum to a lollipop and reiterated that it cannot assuage the aspirations of Ram Mandir enthusiasts. Mr Katiyar seems to have missed the sweet spot of opportunity the museum might offer in terms of reviving tourism for Ayodhya and its economic prospects. Footfalls would mean more opportunities for business and employment for locals.

The discomfort of liberal brigade can be gauged from the fact that they are reluctant to label the museum move as communal. The museum is touted as a cultural project and it would include beautification of river Sarayu too. Other political parties in UP election fray have been caught off guard as it’s quite clear who would walk away with the glory.

It would make more sense to model the museum on the concept of Akshardham Temple,New Delhi. Akshardham Temple has earned the laurel of “World’s Largest Comprehensive Temple”. The museum offers a brilliant opportunity to showcase spiritual and cultural legacy.

Loose canons like Vinay Katiyar should be enlightened and reprimanded since Ram Janmabhoomi issue is subjudice. Rhetoric would not expedite resolution of temple issue.

Picture Credit: Maa Durga Wallpaper

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