May 24, 2019

Ram Vs Meira : Meira’s Sheila Moment?


A jubilant Meira expressed gratitude to Congress president and opposition parties who put faith in her to pull of another “Sheila Dixit” act. It is ‘Gold Standard” act in loyalty given the numbers are stacked in favor of Ram Nath Kovind.


Staying true to its “Pratibha” of putting loyalty to the dynasty first, INC chose Meira Kumar to take Ram head on. Lalu has urged Nitish to reconsider his support for NDA candidate to ensure victory for Meira “Bihar ki Beti”. Wasn’t Ishrat Jehan “Bihar ki Beti”?


Nitish singing a different tune for Kovind caused major inconvenience to Sonia Gandhi because it was Nitish’s idea to put up a rainbow coalition against NDA’s presidential nominee. Lunch with Modi did alter his taste for cherry picking!!



Ram Nath Kovind’s selection to President post is a certainty. We should thank our stars because Congress’s Pratibha of bringing in “Cutlery Chor” (term coined by MediaCrooks”) is well known.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from twitter


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