May 24, 2019


In the land of Rapistan, raping is a way of life. It might be puke worthy to be a citizen of Rapistan for a few individuals but being rapist is gaining acceptance in the society. Rapistan is not limited by geography because it prevails all over the planet and the citizens of this Rapistan are popularly called Rapists. It is not a secret organization nor is it a secret club of individuals. It is the most publicly visible nation whose citizens are present in all positions of power. Rapists were leaders of political parties, leaders of nations, leaders of international organizations and are present in every step of the power ladder of the society.

People tend to believe that Rapists are present only in the corridors of power but in reality the Rapists are present in the Hollywood, bollywood and every other wood. The rapists are present in every religion but in some religions there are more rapists than the other. The most bizarre aspect of being a citizen of a Rapistan in a particular religion is – the more rapists in a religion higher moral high ground it is allowed to take. So when a particular religion lectures about Rapists to other religionists it is a power of Rapists with them that makes religious leaders speak as such and it is not the power of the belief systems or spiritual values.

The Rapists enjoy a great deal of societal support in certain nations, religions than others and the strength of a society lies in the amount of support a rapist gets. Those societies which have gone to the extremes to protect the rapists are now gaining strength in power structure over those societies who have not supported the rapists. It might appear bizarre that even though the women are the biggest victims of rapists they are also the biggest supporters of rapists. In several cases it is women have lured other women towards the rapists for some gains or have silenced the victims to protect the rapists.

The power of rapists comes from the women who are highly supportive of their actions which may be due to Stockholm syndrome, blackmail or some other issue. The women are not the ones to blame because in the Age of rape, nobody could do anything to stop the advance of the Rapists. The rapist gets a lot of support from the most intelligent sections of the society starting from the artists, law enforcement, judiciary, intellectuals and a host of other individuals and it seems that some rapists are bred by some communities to drive away their enemies. Hence every human can fall prey to the Rapist sometime or the other because it needs only a moment to become a victim.

Most of the powerful leaders are realizing the power of the Rapists and hence have become supportive of the Rapists to get a citizenship of Rapistan. A small town turned into Rapistan and there is no noise over it and such is the power exerted by the citizens of Rapistan, the whole world remained mute to the actions of Rapists because some had a sanction. People in power are defending the Rapists by blaming the victims, shaming the victims, telling that rapists were mere boys, juveniles, etc. More people are recognizing the power of rapists and are working hard to have the citizenship of Rapistan.

People think that harsh laws would stop the Rapists or slows down the establishment of Rapistan. People are fools because society breeds Rapists and since no government can wipeout a society it becomes impossible to stop the progress of rapists when there is a lot of support for their actions. Even though rapists are still disliked by large sections of a society, some rapists are glorified and it is becoming more profitable to become a Rapist than a Terrorist. The former gets death while the latter get state protection and largesse.

Being Rapist would be a symbol of Being Great in the not so distant future if the current trends continue and Rapistan would be the most powerful country on this planet.

Note: I am not citizen of Rapistan and I never support any rapist of any kind.



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