April 19, 2019

Real Estate Ads. and Marketing Strategy Post Demonetisation

Right from the day Demonetisation was announced and till date there are plenty of experience, rumors, expectations, innovation in how to move around with INR 2000 note, etc. As per the news and various blogs it would take at least two months i.e. Jan 2017 we will have situation under control with regard to convenience of getting new INR 500 notes.

This inconvenience has lead to practically all citizens identifying all nook and corners around the home and office to find out ATMs and bank branches.

This opens up a possibility of an excellent marketing campaign for real estate players.

One of my client P & G has an ATM in their premises for their employees. It is convenience.

Now the time has come for the real estate industry to tweak their marketing strategy and layout plan.

We know all of them mention distance of airport, railway station, schools and hospitals. Now on they need to focus on maximum number of bank branch and ATMs around the property. Better still a branch / ATM in their premises.

Ones who can have a branch and an ATM within the premises will have a better chance of selling. Not because the inconvenience is here to stay but for the sake of convenience.

Imagine a mother of two kids can just goto a branch to do necessary banking without bothering too much for time. Imagine senior citizens just walking into a branch or ATM. All this is possible if the focus of developer is aligned with the need of the hour.

On a lighter note. Instead of writing Sea View Apt. Hill View Apt now the developer can say ATM View Apt, Bank View Apt… :-))

Picture Credit: MagicBricks


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