May 19, 2019

Reality of Martyr day observed by J & K Government

J & K government observes 13 July as Martyr’s Day to commemorate 13 people who fell to British Bullets in Srinagar during a protest outside central jail .

Jammu area of Kashmir and Kashmiri Hindus (now in Exile) observe it as a black day.

So what is the truth?

In a previous article on stone pelting I had described how Sheikh Abdullah had incited violence and stone pelting in Srinagar Kashmir by giving provocative speeches in Mosques in 1930’s. Britishers were trying to force Maharaja Hari Singh to give them strategic area of Gilgit on lease and many Muslims from British Punjab were entering Srinagar and instigating violence.

In 1931, a Muslim man from Lahore Abdul Qadir was bought in Srinagar by a British colonel. On June 21, 1931, he gave a very provocative speech in a mosque called Khanqa-e-Mualla, which was seditious and inflammatory, borrowing heavily from Quran to instigate the Muslims. Large scale violence broke out in Srinagar and he was Arrested. On 13 July, a hearing was held within the court. A Mob tried to attack the jail but was not successful. The mob went on a rampage and burnt police lines and went on to attack Hari Parbat Fort. Police and British cavalary resorted to firing in which 13 people died. Meanwhile communal clashes broke around Srinagar and Vicharnag where Hindu shops were looted, many Hindus killed and women raped before British army could reach. In Srinagar Hindu shops were looted and the streets were full of merchandise strewn about. There are ample government reports of that time which substantiate the events. The communal fire reached Jammu, Kotli and Rajauri where Hindus were killed, women raped and properties looted. Hindus and Sikhs were the Targets.

The report of the Riots are preserved in the British library in London . Just a tiny glimpse of some records.

Places of worship destroyed: 31
No of people converted to Islam: Rajauri -120, Beri-12 , Bhimber-206 , Kotli -224

The reports mention loss of Non muslim properties. So it is very sad that 13 july does not mention the terrible communal clashes and the losses suffered by Hindu / Sikh community, while celebrating 13 July as Martry’s day.

Warnings of Kashmir by Raghvan

Picture Credit: Zee News


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