April 24, 2019

Reckless Advertising can cause Physical hurt to Public.


Time is 10:35 AM Location Hiranandani Meadows, a gust of wind lifts an advertisement mounted on a metal frame and depoists it almost 7 feet away from where it was standing. Fortunately for me I had vacated that spot  a few seconds earlier, other wise I would have been struck by it on My head,neck or Back with what kind of force? And consequences is now a matter of conjuncture, happy that it is so ,otherwise I may have not even reach the hospital to reflect on this incident,

A few Brave men who were sitting behind me ,continued to do so,and Point to every passerby  who looked at them described my good fortune of having escaped  unhurt,


These photos were clicked aftere about 10minutes by Mr Robin Srivastav,who I was to meet at Hiranandani Meadow.These gentlemen ought to be decorated forv their bravery, because they continue to occupy the space while a few more advertisement took to air and landed close to them.

Local Police under whose jurisdiction Hiranandi Meadows falls shud initiate action against the companies and establishment who are placing their advertisements in such a reckless manner ,exposing the public to grave danger, Lets not wait for some one to get hurt hurt, please prevent accident from happening. That is part of the mandate of the police force.


Thane Municipal Corporation should visit the location identify the advertisements and advertisers, prosecute them for reckless  conduct, recover charges that may not have been paid and most importantly insist on securing all such advertisement firmly to avoid injury to unsuspecting public,

Would Mr. mokashi  councellor for ward 3A of which Hiranandani Meadows could be a part, take personal interest and Prevent injury to the Public who could be felled by these advertisements.



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