May 22, 2018

Relaunching Rahul

I have stopped watching Kapil Sharma for two reasons. One the CM of Maharashtra gave a lightening fast reply to him without checking the facts and secondly inspite of the fact that acting and comedy is his profession, Rahul does better justice to keep the Nation in good spirit (though politics is the core expertise as per MSM).

Relaunching Rahul: I love the passion with which MSM promotes the Prince. This time the Nation will be damn damn serious. Announcement is done by a senior person. And I hope and pray this is the last failed attempt to see him take off with speed of the velocity.

While MSM reputation of pushing him as PM is sincere and no doubt on that front, Rahul too needs to keep his travel plan available to them. Why should MSM face difficult question on Twitter from RW. Once he leaves for vacation, he leaves, no one knows when he shall return.

Rahul should also make sure the doesn’t let down our PM Modi. He had promised an earthquake and turned out to be a fusski. Rahul should take care of his health so that when he speaks his videos don’t get viral. If goes to bed on time then he will wake up in morning and not this morning i got up at night.

Rahul should decide once and for all what MAKE  IN does he wants? Make in UP. Make in MP. Make in India…

At 40 plus when CM of Maharashtra has made his presence felt with his hard work (barring few wrong decisions) and another 40 + CM of UP Yogi who has shown how law and order can be brought under control, media is celebrating just making of the Plan by Prince. Emergency is long over. Why so much courtesy is being extended?

A person who could not answer few straight questions by Arnab has made a plan. Come on, bring it on. There is too much pressure on citizens. Will Kejriwal resign? What will Lt Gov do on letter by Dr Swamy, What will happen to Shashi Tharoor? Will Aditya Raj be roughed up again? Amidst all this a Curtain Raiser of Rahul’s Plan will come as a big relief. Nation.. Are U Ready???

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter



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    ha, ha, how is this jokker being re-launched, in which satellite and from which launching station?