May 21, 2019

Remembering Dr Ambedkar- Insight on his life Post Independence

"Unsung Hero - A visionary whose experience not used till date".

Today April 14 is a fit day to go in flashback. Dr Ambedkar was a visionary and it is important to share the hardships he went through after Independence. Media and Congress right from Nehru to Sonia all are responsible for ignoring Dr Ambedkar’s real contributions to the nation. He was one of the best economist of his time and very few know this fact.

He  taught Economics at Mumbai College in 1916. And then did his Doctorate from London school of Economics. He was the first to recommend change of currency every ten years. He was never in favor of China and Pakistan and wanted good relations with US without spoiling ties with Russia. What has Nehru, congress party done till now? They have painted him as messaih of Dalits and baked their ROTIS for vote bank politics. Some political parties formed in the name of Dalits also never did anything worth while to improve the socio economic condition of the Dalits. Their leaders became crorepati and are now fighting various court cases of assets disproportionate to their income.

The park made by BSP leader in Lucknow is wastage of tax payers money and Dr Ambedkar would have never allowed such an expense if alive. His research papers should have ideally been read in our Universities as part of Syllabus. Who cares? His Birth and Death anniversary is a day for political leaders to garland his statue and photo. This should be the day to tell the Nation and in particular Dalits what they did in last one year and their plans for next one year. Remembering Dr Ambedkar should not be a monotonous/symbolic ritual. Rather it should be a day to share his contribution to the nation and asking ourselves what we have done to the legacy of Dr.Ambedkar. its time we moved away from the age old practice of pay lip service and doing nothing to honour the memory of great sons of India.

We need the present  and future generation of Indians to recognise Dr. Ambedkar  not  by his social status but by his many achievement in various field, An epitome of excellence in every sphere he touched. That would be true homage to Dr. Ambedkar and his Memory.  Future generations of Indians should take pride in the thinking of Dr. Ambedkar in field of economics, political, legal social cause and international relations. We need to ask ourselves if it’s time we moved away from the annual ritual of floral tributes to acquainting Indians with thoughts  and works of the great sons of India.

When you travel across the nation you get an impression that Nehru Gandhi Indira and Rajiv have made this nation. We need to look at the achievements of contemporaries. Be it Gopal Krishna Gokhle, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Rajguru, Chandra Shekhar, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra, Dr Ambedkar, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr Shyama Prasad, Dr Homi. List is endless. Each one of them had contributed in big way. let’s as one people of this one nation , break the shackles of Bapu,chacha,Indira,Rajiv Monopoly and place all deserving on an equal pedestal. which they all richly deserve.

He never agreed to village model of Bapu or Industrial model of ChaCha. What he had in mind was a totally different thing. He wanted the government to be strong at the centre (what we have today), He wanted partnership between government and public (what we see as CSR now) and private sector. Imagine the vision. This is no way ordinary thinking by any means.


Dr Ambedkar never stood for this. Though not alive biologically , even as a statue he would be suffocating. Over 5900 crores spent on various parks.  Imagine if the same amount was used for Dalits that these stand as advocate and messaih.

Time to wake up.  I think BJP and PM have their feet firmly fixed on ground for next two elections. Let RW channalise their energies on taking up such topics.

Ministry of Education should add chapters of these greats and get rid of Akbar the Great. There is no need to glorify the invaders. We need to share maximum content in syllabus about these great personalities. Dr Ambedkar should get space in Sociology, Economics, Law and Political Science. As an economist is the first professional economist of India. The history has to change. Why tag him as Dalit Leader. There are many reason why Nehru and Gandhi ensured Dr Ambedkar didnot win election. Discovery of India is incomplete without telling the nation how great Dr Ambedkar was and how he was sidelined for selfish reasons.

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