April 24, 2019

Remembering Narottam Morarjee – Architect of the Modern Indian Shipping

April 2, 1877 to Nov 5, 1929

Narottam Morarjee father Seth Morarjee Gokuldas was a big name in textile industry.

While studying at Elphinstone College in Mumbai, he started looking into his father business. These were two mills (Morarjee Gokuldas Mill of Bombay and Sholapur Mill of Sholapur)

Later with financial help of Walchand Hirachand and Kilachand Devchand he set up The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. On April 5, 1919 his company’s first ship ssLoyalty sailed from Bombay to UK.

Narottam Morarjee died on 5 November 1929.

In an obituary tribute Mahatma Gandhi wrote in Young India : “The tragic death of Sheth Narottam Morarjee removed from our midst a merchant prince who combined patriotism with commercial ambition….His latest enterprise, the Scindia Steam Navigation Company, was conceived as much through patriotism as through ambition. His charities were wide, discriminating and in keeping with the modern requirements. The removal of such a son of India at this juncture is a great loss to the country”.

Picture Credit: Flickr

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