May 21, 2019

Replace JNU with Pune University Degree for NDA

Time is running out

Enough is enough.

A cancer has to be treated if it is identified. We have no clue how long it will take but the Dignity of our Armed Forces has to be maintained.

These anti nationals who claim to be from below poverty line have i Phone to tweet. They meet high profile politicians and want to break India. They have no clue of the power of agitated citizen. These students survive on our tax paid money and have no right to talk ill about the country.

Left leaning media and celebrities are coming out of rat hole to give cover to these anti nationals. Evidence are coming out against the anti national at same speed. Our silence should not be taken as weakness.

I have initiated a petition on and have raised few issues to be addressed by Honorable President of India.

Why should students enjoy subsidized study at tax payers cost. All students who have anti India agenda should be put on market rate fee.

All faculty members who support such an agenda should be removed from job with immediate effect.

And most importantly going forward start giving Pune University Degree to NDA and other five courses of Defense Services.

For everything there is Human Rights, NGOs, arm chair activists. None wake up when Men in Uniform are attacked in Kashmir.

The responsibility of maintaining Dignity of our Armed Forces is on the civilians. They have limitation while in service. As civilians we have to pursue this and make sure we are heard.

Jai Hind

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