May 27, 2019

Republic of Mamata

It so transpires that Bengal jumped from the pan straight into the fire. The Left’s stranglehold of Bengal was broken by a fiery and diminutive lady raising the hopes and aspirations of millions of Bengali’s who, for decades, felt smothered by the Communists. But they probably hadn’t bargained for what Mamata Didi had in store for them, a splattering of scams, spate of riots, generous sprinkling of National ambition and appeasement as a state policy are the baggage that she wants to burden the Bengali’s with, forsaking the urgent need to take Bengal on the road to development and prosperity.

Her vision for Bengal is crystal clear, she wants to rule Bengal for as many years as the Communists ruled, if not more.  And for that goal to come true the Leftists and the BJP have to be kept out.

The ‘Reds’ are anyway punch-drunk and out in the cold, hence don’t pose a threat to her. But, ‘Saffron’ is making huge inroads into her turf. They have to be kept out at any cost, even if it means surrender of the soul of Bengal at the feet of Mullah’s and Moulvie’s.

The Republic of Mamata is ‘For the Mullah’s, by the Mullah’s’ – how else can her abject surrender to minorities be summed up? Congresses genetic trait of ‘Appeasement as a tool to win elections’ has inundated the Trinamool’s psyche so much so that, of the three petals of her logo, one has withered away – She dosent need the Hindus to win elections .

Durga Puja is the essence of every Bengali. Until recently the colourful festival was the quintessence of universal brotherhood, celebrated not just by Hindus but by all Bengali’s cutting across religious and caste lines. But in Mamata’s Bengal it hurts the sentiments of Muslims and hence had to be banned, all because the Idol immersion coincided with Muharram.

‘Ramdhonu’ ( Ram’s Bow ) had to be renamed as ‘Rongdhonu’ because the humble rainbow hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

Mamata had to turn a blind eye to Kaliachak, Dhulagarh & Baduria because otherwise the sentiments of the rioters would be hurt.

As if the Bangladeshi refugees are not enough of a problem, she wants India to allow the Rohingyas to flood every city and street of India.

And her appeasement centric politics prevented the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat from addressing an event in Kolkata.

The last straw perhaps is her high handed censorship of the Prime Minister’s address to students on the occasion of 125th year of Swamy Vivekananda’s historic speech at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

Lord Ram is an untouchable, it’s unacceptable that Durga Maa’s Jayanti coincides with a Muslim festival, rioters are welcome as long as they are not Hindus, freedom of speech is applicable all over India, but not in Mamata’s Bengal – This folks is Mamata Didi’s recipe for the progress of Bengal .

“Poriborthon” in Bengal can only happen when Mamata is “Poriborth’ed” out of power .

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