May 24, 2019

Reservation and General Category

Reservation was introduced for a reason with a timeline. Successive governments have continued and today we have a situation where a sizabale population is paying the price of vote bank politics. High time we accept the reality that reservation is here to stay and even our elected government at present is in no mood to think logically.

This brings us to the question “What Next?” for the General Category.

The only solution is that the General Category should think differently. Instead of bothering about why government is not paying attention to the needs of General Category we need to ponder and request the incumbent government to initiate schemes & measures that would compensate the loss for the nation and also to the individuals to whatever extent possible. Time has come to not accept a political manifesto for a General Election but to become part of some of the needs to be covered in the election manifesto of 2019. The demands needs to be rational and indicative, same can be further fine tuned by BJP top brass with feedback from General Category.

So what could be possible demands?

  • Age criteria to be same for all entrance exams.
  • Appraisal for all General Category employees who are deprived of promotion despite performance and seniority.
  • Housing loan at subsidized interest rates.
  • Interest free education loans for the children.
  • Different slab for income tax.
  • Free treatment of parents (ones who are senior citizens).

Citizens of General Category need to take the path of Samwaad instead of agitation chosen by Urban Naxals. General Category expects same seriousness to this alarming need for a dialogue. General Category is the backbone of the country, the biggest tax payer and has been contributing in Nation building for over seven decades now. Emotionally they are strong and financially the weakest on account of being General Category.

To put this in candid term, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are treated like Orphans. If one has to look at Right to Equality then this is one of the most difficult expectation for any political party to fulfill. Last year while speaking at 11th Civil Services Day function, PM Shri Modi had emphasis on quality and efficiency. If as a Nation we are aiming to become world leader then we need to keep the performers highly motivated and not use them and crush them as insects under the feet that deserves to be crushed for unavoidable reason.

A Nation can’t progress if budding talent is suppressed from blooming and deprived of financial benefits. The government that is loved by the masses has to keep all stake holders happy in all aspects of life. Ones who voted from General Category and form a major vote share have always been cooperative and remain patient to get the benefits promised by NaMo. While development takes care of major areas of concern, it is important that the population that is backbone of this success too is taken care.

General Category has to remain focused and work around in constructive ways to get their due share for their sweat, rewards can be left to the government. We can’t remain orphans forever in NaMo Rajya.

Picture Credit: The Times of India (Mumbai Edition) , Zee News screenshot from Twitter


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