December 18, 2018

Retribution Troika for Rogue Nation : Diplomatic, Military and Water

modiIn the aftermath of Uri attacks, every Indian is clamoring for repaying Pak in the same coin. One of ex army gentleman even suggested that India should develop its own Fidayeen. Less has been spoken and written about the approach and strategy of retribution. A hybrid retribution strategy is need of the hour. India has beefed up diplomatic offensive and has succeeded in cornering Pakistan. It is necessary to put Pakistan on back foot so that all attempts at internationalizing Kashmir falls flat. The Uri incident was orchestrated with finesse and its timing could not have been better when UNGA was in session. Pakistan’s sole aim was to extract knee jerk military reaction from India so that it can play the Victim Card and internationalize Kashmir. Prudence and discretion was displayed by India and diplomatic brownies points were scored. US, UK and France spoke in same vein and reiterated India’s point of view. Diplomatic offensive needs to be displayed full throttle at all international forums so that Pakistan becomes pariah.

Military might, needless to say, needs to be augmented and dissent on streets of Kashmir should be quelled with all might. J&K High Court has permitted use of Pellet guns citing mob violence.

The third retribution and the most effective one in crippling Pakistan is to revoke Indus Water Treaty. India contributes almost 80 percent of water to river Indus. Gates of dams built on the five rivers should be shut. Pakistan would be parched and thirsty . There will be outrage on grounds of human rights by seculars and liberals in India. We need to ignore and move ahead. Putting an end to Indus Water Treaty will break Pakistan’s backbone.

Lets hope that there will be a consensus on the hybrid retribution strategy.

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