May 21, 2019

#ReverseEmergency: When Opposition and Media plays Havoc



and NOW


Emergency by #ABCF

As Indian citizens we have traveled a lot from Emergency to Reverse Emegency. 41 years plus from 1975. Ones who were teens then have lived only to see this state of unimaginable state of affairs when the ruling party at centre and state are at receiving end. Nation First has no meaning and it is established whenever required in all party meeting in closed door.

You (journalists) were asked to bend but you began to crawl! – LK Advani to Kuldip Nayar during Emergency 

That was Indira Gandhi Era. Fast forward to UPA 1 and UPA2 was a much intelligent unwritten emergency. Under the garb of NationalC-lnjQfVYAEuE0y Advisory Council headed by Sonia Gandhi, the PM Manmohan Singh became a rubber stamp PM. Hand picked persons from NGOs , social worker who were committed left wingers and anti hindu ruled the country via 1o Janpath. Right from making failed attempt to fix MODI and passing Communal Violence Bill. The list is rather long.

2014 was a bad year for #ABCF ( Anti BJP Combine Force). BJP won big time and barring few states like Delhi and Bihar congress mukt bharat is on.

UP_14-276x300Now the scene is not like 1975. Media enjoys making fun of Modi to the extent they spread rumor to create unrest. Opposition is openly partying with people like Kanhaiya of Tukde Tukde fame. West Bengal is on the verge of becoming a place for all illegal bangladeshi. Kerala has a unique distinction of HINDUS being killed brutally. Jammu has a clear demarcated place for Rohingyas. Owaisi wants police to move out for 15 minutes so that he can display his power. Kejriwal slyly watches a farmer hanging from a tree. Editors guild hits the road in support of NDTV but not for a small time journalists when they are killed in UP and Bihar, A sitting CM threatens to take action against Arnab after returning from foreign trip but later forgets or ….

While the central government has done enough to show that it is in control of the situation by going full throttle in Kashmir to remove terrorism it is still seen searching for ways and means to take action against terrorist sympathisers.

Journalists show their muscle power on streets in US, one other wants to spit on PM, after great hard work prince makes a statement “if I speak in parliament there will be an earthquake” and it is hailed as  AMRUT VARSHA has happened from the skies. There is competition to spread unrest by one and all in #ABCF ( Anti BJP Combine Force). Be it fake propaganda of Modis suit or award wapsi. Jallikuttu or cow slaughter in public, #ABCF has taken the lead.

This is what is Reverse Emergency. 

What is the government doing?

MODI is not HE MAN. He is an ordinary human with extra ordinary will power. He has to be complimented by similarly strong willed ministers at the centre and at state level by the CMs. BJP ruled states have done enough in terms of implementation of schemes. But some of them have failed in containing law and order when it was forced on them by #ABCF. They need to be proactive. Take the case of CM of MP. You can’t sit on fast when situation in state needs 24 x 7 hands on law and order. Looks like he is copying Modi’s Sadbhavna Yatra. Modi did that when law and order was in total control not when state was burning.

If #ABCF can force Reverse Emergency then it is high time the ruling party also innovates and works proactively. Ceremonial arrest and release in two hours is not going to give desired results. If the crime is serious then it has to be backed by invoking NSA Act. Many may not agree on this point and for that we need to spend few minutes on the definition of Terrorism.

We all know about terrorism and understand it well. However, one area that we need to study, debate and ask the state and central governments to look into is broad day light violence by political parties.

A definition of Terrorism on google: The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Last year during his overseas trip PM Modi has expressed his concern that UN has not defined Terrorism even after 70 years of it’s existence.

United Nation is shying away from defining Terrorism formally. On June 5, 2017 EAM Smt. Sushma Swaraj said “it was time to finalise the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism at the UN and define terrorism”. (PTI)

The concern on terrorism is genuine and much appreciated but what about similar act by political parties? To a large extent Naxals are also treated with kids gloves because of political interference and vote bank politics. If we compare the damage done to citizens, loss of government and public property, how is it different from terrorism. Protesting against government policies is not a crime but protesting in a way that there is loss of life of law abiding citizens and putting government property to fire is no less than what Kasab has done at Taj and CST railway station. The only time when such an act was treated with fitting response was in Malegaon blast case by congress. But unfortunately Sadhvi and Col Purohit were framed because political benefits took over national interest. Now is the time to invoke such Act. We don’t have to invoke Emergency like Indira Gandhi but the government has to invoke certain clauses from it. Kadi Ninda for West Bengal and Kerala too will not help.

The political parties who are responsible either explicity or implicitly have to be taught a lesson legally. There are enough of past cases where honorable courts have asked political parties to pay for the damages. Stone pelters with face covered is one Make in India that Modi government should tell #ABCF will be dealt in time bound SITs.

There would be outrage but government has to walk the tight rope. The FOE of 4th pillar of Democracy has sold itself to anti national activities (barring very few ethical professionals) and elements. Social Media is now becoming their parking place to hide their crimes.

Why should ordinary citizens file a FIR when a so called journalist is spreading rumor. Is it not the duty of the Police Commissioner to book the concerned. Law abiding citizens on social media are receiving end of the news traders and the ones who burned mid night oil to place this government in power have to see endless ministers to go and pay homage to only one channel. Why?

The government has to set an example by booking political people who in the name of protest cross their limits. This should include media as well. Rahul Gandhi goes to a place where he is not supposed to go. Argues with police officer and questions his actions. Arrested and released. He did what he had to as one of the opposition party. His MLAs on record use social media to incite violence to start with and then openly asking supporters to burn police station. How is it different from terrorist act? A farmer will never waste his produce.

The serving state government have no right to complain against the combined opposition. If they can’t book these leaders under NSA Act and try them under at least Hon High Court serving Justice in a stipulated time then this will continue. The fear of law has to be very high. Congress may make noise but they need not forget who introduced MISA?

The way Mandsaur protest have happened is an eye opener for upcoming months. The pictures gives an impression that the stone pelters are from Kashmir (mis guided youths). The MLAs of congress gives an impression that they are not fighting for KISAAN but for azaadi of Kashmir.

The state government in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have behaved as if there is intelligence failure on a border district on terrorist infiltration. Take the case of Rahul. He traveled to MP via Rajasthan. What was Rajasthan government doing? Then he finally lands up in MP and created a scene as if he is some Askhay Kumar doing a film shoot. Take this sample from CM of Maharashtra. Though this was reversed but what did he earn out of it? He had all the time in the world to create a law to protect the journalists, which is fine. But what about the ones who spread rumors?


Now need to look at Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar was pampered by giving Padma Award. On going balancing act between Shiv Sena and NCP for running the government has costed BJP dearly.

What is common between CM of MP and MH is their dedication to work for the state. Both have done excellent work . They are best to seen as eminent social workers of present time but in terms of law and order they are not proactive. They have been reactive.

Now let us evaluate what Yogi Adityanath has done to maintain law and order in his state UP. He has gone after some of the history sheeters and sent the message of his intent in months to come.

Anti Romeo Campaign, Tundey Kawaab, illegal slaughter house, bio metric in all government offices, list is long.

Yogi Adityanath’s legal notice to National Conference spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu for allegedly “spreading hatred” against the BJP is crystal clear message to not only trouble makers in UP but also Pan India that none would be spared.

Shirish Kundar giving unconditional apology to Yogi Adityanath for his tweet.



IMG_20170531_190316 IMG_20170531_190845

The way he has controlled Saharanpur riots is commendable as well. Clearly he is looked as a no non sense CM in present time.

IMG_20170610_071132The need of the hour is to book all trouble makers under NSA or any other stringent IPC. One just can’t spread rumor of communal riots or provoke people to burn police station. This is exactly what Pakistan is doing. This is exactly what terrorist have been doing. The law is there and it needs to be implemented to put a full stop to Reverse Emergency.

If at all congress had even a single proof against Modi they would have hanged him or bare minimum put him in Anda Cell like Kasav. Why is BJP government being so kind whenIMG_20170611_104441 #ABCF has left no stone unturned to rub BJP ruled states on the wrong side with fabricated agitation?

JNU kind institution have become incubators for people like Kanhaiya. Leaders like Sitaram Yechury would not keep cactus on their office desk why have it in college campus.

#ABCF ( Anti BJP Combine Force) is on a roll. Now is the time to put a full stop to Reverse Emergency. Media has platform in foreign land as well to defame MODI, HINDUS and Modi government. 282 seats is hard earned. Development is hard earned. Support base is hard earned. Why allow drainage of all this hard work because of Reverse Emergency? PM may have some plans but he needs to put the CMs on notice. They are more of perfect social worker, sharing photographs of good work done. They need to be seen as a complete package like Yogi Adityanath.

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