May 24, 2019

Revisiting 2014

The voters are not neither stupid nor intelligent as they are believed to be. The average Indian voter is a emotional fool who could be manipulated using a variety of issues such as bijli, sadak, pani, power cuts, pollution, intolerance, secularism in danger, mandir, corruption of few, onions, tomatoes, petrol, subsidies, reservations, laws and legislations, etc. There is not one issue which might not cause a voter to change his mind. If something pleases one section of voters the same would cause hurt to several other sections of voters and balancing the aspirations of all the people, all the time is suicidal. If we go back a few years to realize what Modi had promised in his election speeches a few things would become clear because manifestos are for the intellectuals to debate. The Modi attacked the party in power (Congress) using a few distinct points – Corruption of the Nehru clan, Islamic terrorism, Growth.

The corruption of the Nehru clan includes the direct corruption of the Nehru clan, the corruption of the Nehruvian establishment which glorifies disastrous poverty ridden nation. The attack on Islamic terrorism includes attack on the terrorist activities of the islamic, non islamic kind, attack on the appeasement of not only of the mullic kind but also the padric kind in a million ways by the previous regimes.  The Growth issue during the rallies of Modi meant prosperity to all and opportunities to all. This transformed into Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas or in other terms appeasement of none. The issue of Ram mandir and all the Hindutva agenda are all parts and parcels of these three broad themes.

If the people did not buy into the three broad points talked about by modi, then they would have voted congress back to power. Rahul would have become the Chairperson of NAC or some other NGO mother-ship. Communal violence bill would have been passed. More than 1000 people would have died in various parts of the country owing to Islamic terrorism. The conversions of the state of Tamil Nadu would have progressed at a much rapid pace and more industries would have been shut down in various parts of the country. Highway construction would have been at a snail pace. There would have been 6 hour power cuts in the peak summer season and 3 hour power cuts other times which have become part Hindu way of life.

The poor citizens and the rich would be wondering whether to enroll for AADHAR while the illegal aliens would have enrolled and might have got direct benefit transfers into their accounts. The poor would still not have got a bank account and the women might have continued with their fire wood cooking inhaling a lot of smoke and millions of people might walked into the open. The health costs would have ruined the lives of lakhs of people and a crore or more people would have been waiting for the unemployment subsidy from the Congress. People would have been hoping that the government gives 10 cylinders per year instead of 9 or six. The defense forces would have started using paper rockets and diwali guns and bombs instead of the ammunition because of shortages and saintly defense minster.

The Indian wealth would have been parked in some secret vaults of the world while the people are fed secular lollipops and would have continued to worship the Nehru Clan for their sacrifices. More people would have gone into poverty and more state resources would have gone for uplifting the poor out of poverty. Parts of J&K might have gone to Pakistan as part of the comprehensive peace process and Zakir Naik and Zakir Musa would be giving lectures in the Indian parliament about tolerance and peaceful ways of life. The Asta Lakshmis would have become Asta Alakshmis with more killings and conversions.

All of these have not happened because the voters felt that they wanted a change. But can the voter permit the change to continue or will they revert back to their old way of life because for a lot many people who are live, Congress is the way of politics and BJP is only a stop gap arrangement. For BJP to become the default choice it has to built institutions and fill them with people of the RIGHT mindset because governments change but the institution have memory which function depending on the people it contains. The way CBI and other institutions were made to dance to the tunes of the Nehru Clan is a lesson for all political aspirants to ensure their people get the best in all situations. Institution control is more important and Hindus as a group have little control because those in power are fighting over petty issues or have sold themselves out to NGOs.

Whether people want to save themselves or the BJP wants to hold on to power is a matter of electoral cycles and nothing civilisational or once in a life time opportunity sort of thing. Congress back in power would undo a lot of good work done by BJP is a known fact and Congress would be ruinous to the Hindu community as a whole but might benefit a few sub sections of Hindus and it is this division that keeps India where it is today. It is neither NOTA nor the issue of lack of Hindutva Agenda that matters. What matters is the messaging of the BJP to the people about its way forward. Vikas might make a few happy but there are voters who want something else. BJP cannot become a party which tells its voters they can give everything to voters if voted to power and everything means VIKAS VIKAS VIKAS.

The BJP has to pick few points to tell its voters what it intends to do. The four broad things may be – Speed of Delivery (Justice and governance), Vikas (of BJPian kind), Equality of Law and Security (Dovalian Kind). People know that BJP means performance and many realize the various road blocks in the path of the party. Many are happy with the BJPian Vikas as it is but the lack of Equality is what irks the various groups of citizens. There are some double constitutionally previliged while there are doubly taxed by the constitutional provisions.. Security of Dovalian kind means punching our weight not less nor more and this makes a lot of groups nervous. The messaging is important and not blaming voters for their choice.


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