May 20, 2019

Rhetorical Posturing: A Self Goal?

Misadventures of Pakistan army during UPA tenure and subsequent grand political posturing by eminent BJP leaders have come back to haunt them badly. Jingoism has always limited the options. The dastardly act was met with befitting response and Indian army actions caused death of more than 6 Pak soldiers. Moving away from “heads” and “bangles” rhetoric and allowing army to chart its own course, because they know the terrain better than anyone else, keeping a low profile will be the right approach towards retribution.

Pakistan’s call for “actionable evidence”, supporting the barbaric incident of mutilation of Indian soldiers, is an attempt by them to pull another “Pathankot fiasco” on Indian establishment. There is no need to call their bluff. Public shaming of Pakistan army is required and Indian PR machinery needs to sharpen its tools to make the narrative incisive and effective. Pakistan has violated norms of Geneva Convention time and again but our PR machinery has failed to capitalize it effectively. Blatant denials by Pakistan, be it Pathankot airbase attack or mutilation of Indian soldiers, has never been rebutted with resonance. Their falsehood should be exposed globally and in all international forums.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry has played down credibility of bilateral talks over Kashmir. Multilateral talks, Erdogan’s idea, is being peddled by Pakistan. The timing of mutilation of Indian soldiers during Erdogan’s India visit and their call for multilateral talks exposes their agenda. Erdogan’s Islamofascist credentials hardly need any introduction and this explains why Pak sees Turkey as natural ally on Kashmir issue.

India is yet to develop a policy on Balochistan. Asylum status of Brahumdagh Bugti is still in doldrums. If Dalai Lama can be given asylum then why delay on granting asylum to Bugti? Inaction on Balochistan issue will rob us off diplomatic capital. Atrocities and human rights violation by Pak army should be highlighted by Indian diplomats at UN. A viable Baloch policy by India can help us leverage the Baloch card. Pakistan’s failed attempt to declare Gilgit Baltistan as fifth province highlights their desperation. Any such attempt will violate UN Convention on Kashmir. We need to hype up the lacunae in Pakistan’s incoherence on Kashmir and act before it’s too late. If Erdogan can offer to poke his nose in Kashmir issue, Trump may not be far away.

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