May 24, 2019

Right to Recall

Right to Recall first introduced by Somnath Chatterjee and recently by Varun Gandhi has to be taken seriously by all RWs.

2014 and then subsequently all state elections including UP were won just because of the hard work and promises made by NaMo. He might win 2019 as well. This can’t go on and on.

Congress Mukt Bharat is almost achieved. Secular Mukt Bharat and Non Performer Mukt Bharat needs to be achieved. Why on earth NaMo or RWs pay the price? Many elected representatives have started pushing secular agenda on us. Most of them have gone too far. They know the weakness of RWs. And our weak point is we don’t have an alternate choice and we can’t go against NaMO on voting day. If that is the thought process then end is near. Yes end is near. I as a RW would not like to shift my loyalty from NaMo or BJP but yes I would go all out to ask the PM to give us Right to Recall and remove the non performers and the ones who have become extra secular.

Time is changing very fast and not everyone is going to be Kejriwal or AAP. One spark of common understanding Pan India and political scene would change dramatically. Why should NaMo pay the price of his over excited CMs MPs and MLAs. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas has to be seen in spirit by the HINDUS. And any effort by MSM to defame Hindus has to be taken up legally by the government of the state.

It took a Sonu Nigam to shake the entire system. As if they were not aware of Hon. High Court guidelines on noise pollution. Why not cancel licenses of all NGOs who are busy measuring decibel levels on Hindu festivals and not to other religion. It looks good to watch and show case New Year fire work and bad on Diwali with the same fire work.

I also ask the state police how it is good to post a police patrol van near mosque during Friday Prayer but how many times has the police checked the decibel level? Today when  we are struggling to get equal treatment there is plenty to be done.

We have excellent Cabinet Minsters like Suresh Prabhu and Sushma Swaraj who are quick to reply for any tweet. How they manage is difficult to understand but citizens are happy. Handful revert occasionally . Majority don’t bother to respond to our  tweet(s).

There is an excellent application developed by NIC for taking appointment. Very few Ministers and State government are using it. Why? The ones who are using don’t bother to revert. So net net it is a toy. The PM has to come down hard on this attitude.

The matter doesn’t end here. There are ideas given to ministers in the past. No revert. But ideas implemented. You got to be a Bollywood celebrity to get heard by the Chief Minister and the Home Minister. Yes there are good experience too but they are few. If voice of common citizens is going to be ignored and suppressed, Ramji only knows the future.

Forgiveness is our culture and nothing wrong with it. But it should not be at the cost of the loyal people. Let me share few examples to put the record straight. Aamir Khan gets INR 25 lacs from state government for his NGO award. Why? Surrogate advertising is common. But when a prominent BJP face from Mumbai goes to Aamir Khan home for C-7FLwdXsAAf0dfbreakfast and shares the pic on social media, it is bit too much. Pravin Darekar who was MLA on MNS ticket and BJP had taken up his scam in a cooperative bank joins BJP later. Later on he goes on to become MLC. Is this the way party workers are motivated? Is there any dearth of loyal people in BJP? Akshay is a smart actor. Much more intelligent than Aamir and Shahrukh. Keeping in mind his roles in films he started the charitable work much in advance. He then makes a public appeal to Home Minister for an app. It is done. But the Home Minister doesn’t spare time for a plan that speaks about employment and business opportunity for family of martyr’s and financially weak defense forces staff.

The official social media cell of BJP is of zero value. The real work is done by masses 24 x 7. Grievance redressal is extremely important not only in public life but also in political life. Treat voter as a consumer. And then figure out where the damage is done. For the sake of NaMO masses can’t go and vote endlessly. You can’t cross the river with your feet in two boat. 

We are not against minorities we are against appeasement. We are not against reservation for economically weak citizens we are against reservation by caste. We are not against implementation of court order, we are against implementation of court orders selectively. We are not against politicians, we are against politicians who visit home at the time of elections but citizens have to go through hell to meet them after elections. 

If Right to Recall is not the solution then give us an alternate. Without fear psychosis nothing works.

Mann ki Baat is excellent. Time to hear Jan ki Baat.

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