April 19, 2019

Rise of Hindutva

Hindutva in its true essence means the protection of the Hindu culture and a sense of mutual respects of all belief systems. But when the Hindutva is attacked by the people who have no sense of respects towards the diversity there is bound to be some discomfort in the freedom loving Hindutva supporters. When the supporters are told that some practices are bad there would be discomfort but also there would be thinking activity going on. It is this mix of thought process and action-reaction that has ensured that Hindutva evolved and survived all along. If we remove any one part then entire thing will collapse.

The essential components of Hindutva are very hard to define because of the immense diversity. In the simplest way Hindutva can be defined as those which have originated in the land called Bharat from the times of Rama. Every act, practice that was passed on from several generations right up to the current generation is all part of Hindutva. It is in Hindutva, the old need not be erased for the existence of the new because both can coexist and when the time of the old ends it departs being replaced by a newer one. Be it life or a practice it is all about coexistence when it comes to Hindutva.

People claiming that the Rise of Hindutva is a dangerous for minorities are blind to the fact that the Hindutva is itself in danger due to the minorities. The Hindutva is attacked in every front and the life of the Hindutvavadis is made miserable, mocked by every structure created by the Hindutva supporters. The joke is on anti-Hindutva brigade who could not see beyond a few centuries and are bewildered by the coexistence of the old and new practices.

The anti-Hindutva brigade consists of people from all ideologies and these people have no respect for the efforts of their ancestors and feel ashamed of their history. The anti-Hindutva Brigade are the jokers of their pay masters and mock the values given by our ancestors for the sake of temporal benefits. The life being one cycle has created more damage to the planet than every other ideology that has been birthed on this planet.

The single life ideologies have lead to so much destruction of the planet and all the rights terrorists have to do is fight for the removal of this ideology but they target the Hindutvavadis who believe in continuous life cycles and have a natural respect towards everything. All education that makes one forget this basic life lesson is best suited in the garbage bins and this garbage of education is what is liked by most of the people because of manipulated economic and military power structures of the current times.

The world thought that the Hindutvavadis could be subjected to Stockholm syndrome and the ideologies wanting to dominate the world had been almost successful in their plans. But the belief in karma by the followers of Hindutva has its own way of scheming in this world. The supporters of Hindutva have realized that for too long only the thought process has been in action and on the ground there is no action. Only the reaction has started by the Hindutvavadis and already the anti-Hindutva brigade has been breaking its bangles.

The reaction of Hindutvavadis is not attacking any groups nor is it protecting cows. The reaction has been indulging in acts of defense of what belongs of Hindutvavadis whatever it might be. Those who are wondering about the reaction would have difficulty about imagining the action. It is fun to know that anti-hindutva brigade is low on intelligence and hence the imagination is beyond their grasp. When a sage wills, kingdoms have got established for the sake of Dharma. Dharma is nothing but Hindutva.

Now in the modern day we do not have sages who have done tapasya in caves. As Hindutva is a evolving system, the sage of modern day is a person who has read enough and has enough knowledge about Dharma. Too many sages have woken up from slumber and it will take a while for the establishment of equilibrium among the various thoughts and all of them will co-exist if they are in line with Hindutva.

When these great wise people have stood up, several will follow them and this is the real Rise of Hindutva, the fight against the evil ideologies, lies, fraudulent philosophies. It is the fight against false equality, mental slavery. The Rise of Hindutva will only end with the Freedom of Thought.

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