May 24, 2019

Rishabh’s Mann Ki Baat – From Hope in 2011 to Frustration in 2016

My father used to keep distance from politics till 2010. All he used to do was watch Times Now, Headlines Today and Aak Tak from 8:30 pm to  11 pm without fail. As a growing child I used to find it frustrating. I remember very clearly. There was a time I too started developing interest in what he used watch and discuss with us and at times with his friends.

This was the same time my interest in photography DSCN2905took shape and my parents bought a NIKON COOLPIX L110 camera for me. To support my passion I used to go out with my friends and with my parents to different places to capture various challenges of citizens. I never knew when I developed inclination to capture the pain of common people.

I captured pictures captured in slums, DSCN0486police check post, highway, under construction buildings, life under fly over, peak hours at suburban railway station, municipal corporation staff clean roads, Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi rally. And the big day of my life, listening and   taking pictures of our now PM Modi uncle in 2013 in a public rally in Mumbai.DSCN7784

I had lots of questions from my parents and there used to be one answer. Let Modiji come in power and over a period of time things will change. For them only hope for getting India back to track was Modi uncle.

Then came a situation where I started debating with my friends and started educating them on corruption, scams, education system, health care, etc. Most of them used to laugh at me. First one and half year was really good. But then I used to wonder was this time not good enough for some corruption cases that were talked about in election speeches to be put in court. My knowledge even now is limited and I may be mistaken for which I apologize in advance. But can someone reading this article tell me how many alphabets of corruption are taken up? My father’s knowledge seems to be limited. He just says whatever cases are taken up are courtesy Dr Swamy. Is he right?

Two things that have been dinned into my head over the last two years are Make in India and Digital India besides many other initiatives. I have no knowledge about how successful they have been. I am here to share my experience.

I recently cleared my SSC boards examination and secured 75.20% . My exams ended on 23rd March 2016. After which I had my vacations.


Till mid June there were no signs of the result date. Me and all other students were eagerly waiting for the results to be announced. One fine day I was notified by the newspaper that the results were going to be announced online on the Maharashtra Board official results website before 5 pm.The next day, I kept waiting for the results. I visited the website innumerable times but there was no manifestation of the results date. Approximately a fortnight later, I read in the same newspaper that the results were to be announced the same day .  Announcing the results without much prior notice was something very unceremonious.

Online registration form:

To be honest, this year’s online application form software is one of the worst software’s I had expected after the advent of Digital India. The software made the registration process a tough grind for the students . The online registration made it so complicated that it took 6 hours for me just to fill the form . The software expected the students to register the names of 60 colleges after selecting their respected stream. The 60 colleges were supposed to be arranged in three categories. TOP 30 , TOP 20 and TOP 10 colleges of the student’s preference. This made the registration a very tedious job for the candidates as they had to select 60 different colleges and distinguish them into the three categories without repeating the name of college.

I asked my father to help me. He too tried his best but the software was rigid. Few questions that went unanswered:

  • Which list would be taken first for admission purposes (list with 30, with 20 or 10 colleges)
  • Why a college name can’t b repeated.

I was compelled to fill some names of colleges that I never wanted to go just because of the software.

 Merit list:

Same as the examination results, the dates for the merit list to come out were unknown. In the first merit list I got a college I never thought of going. But out of compulsion I had to register my name in the college. The college officials informed me that I could cancel my registration if I had my name in the upcoming 3 lists. Which never happened. After I registered I kept waiting for my name to come up in any of the remaining two merit list. But, it didn’t show up.

My Struggle for admission:

      Unwillingly I ran in search of admission in all the well known colleges of my city. But the doors of all colleges were closed for me just because I didn’t had my name in their college’s merit list. Each college officials said me the same thing “wait for the offline admissions to start” . It proves that the government ‘s dream to foster a DIGITAL INDIA are completely irrelevant.

     Offline admissions could start only after the online admission process finished. Even after such a hassle I could not get admission in any other college because the online registration process did not end. All my efforts were in vain. Finally when the online admission process was over, I again went to the colleges and enquired about the offline admissions but none of the college officials gave me a concrete response. Most of the colleges did not have the offline process .

Guidance centers :

  Later I decided to seek help from the guideline numbers provided on the FYJC website. It was around 6 in the evening when I called up the guideline number. The official picked up the phone and when I was about to explain him my problem, he abusively replied to me. “Tere maa baap ghar peh soh nahi rahe kya? Badme phone kar ! “ if this type of language is used by the government officials then I feel ashamed to be a part of the Maharashtra board educational system.

Casual behavior of the college staff:

    Against the wish, I had to take admission in the college allotted to me in the first merit list . Out of compulsion I went to the college with the essential documents mentioned on the FYJC website. When I enquired the college officials they asked me to bring some other document with me and asked me to come the other day. I live in Virar and the college alloted to me was in Bandra. My house is approximately 50 km away from the colleague. It takes 2 hours to reach my college . The college officials made it a uphill battle for me to seek admission . I had to go to the college 6 times in order to make sure that my admission was confirmed. Every time I went there they would give me some new form to fill and submit it on the college desk the very next day with the guardians signature.

Forcefully I had to join the college where even students with 40% marks are eligible for admission. Now I have to fight a frantic battle for the next two years just because of some stupid online application software.

If this is Digital India then God save young generations that are promised heaven. Mistakes at times are unavoidable but least I had expected from the state government is corrective action in era of Digital India.

Who are these people making such delicate software. Are they really deserving people ? Or someone with 40% marks making these software.

My message to the government:

       Considering the development in the educational system .With all due respect I would say that even after 2 years of the new government’s tenure things have not changed. The new government speaks of having a DIGITAL INDIA . It’s hilarious that even after having such great plans of the government, I am forced to take admission in the college I never wanted.

Politicians in this country speak about Youth Empowerment, is this the way you empower the youth of your country? If such system is not eradicated on immediate basis then I am afraid that there might be a very sorry state that majority of the  youth in our country and would prefer foreign education.

My Mann Ki Baat

  • Ask your MLA’s to be on social media attending to citizens issues. 
  • Hoardings with smiling faces of MP and MLAs all around the city, some of them on illegal banners are not going to help citizens. Replace them with their residence address, mobile numbers etc. if they are really interested in serving people. 

I don’t seek a meeting with you like some other over enthusiastic citizens waiting for just one selfie with you. On the contrary, I would be happy if issues of students can be solved using Digital India. Else a big population of students will really feel cheated.

Its a long journey from 2011 to 2016. From Hope to Frustration.  RSCN8096I feel the pain and I have seen and felt in the eyes of my parents for getting a low profile college despite of having many other better choices.

Fight with my own belief has just begun. Will be watching the remaining term of the state and central government till 2019. My father is still hopeful. May be he is too generous. I am not. I will make my voice heard. Slowly but to millions of students. Digital India may work or not but students should be promised good enough things that are tangible and can be delivered.

Article Written by Rishabh Srivastava


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