May 19, 2019

Road Rage

Let Police do the Needful

In India Road rage has taken a new dimension over the last few decades. There was a case in Delhi where a man in his late thirties was beaten to death by five men ( in front of his two kids) after he had an argument with them for not providing enough space to overtake. We have reached a stage where we are ready to kill someone because they dared to argue with us. Why is the nation so angry?

While some attribute it to the high levels of stress others attribute to low tolerance level. I also think that the volume of people in the country adds to it as there are perpetual traffic snarls and people are dying to reach their destinations.One more reason could be that people don’t like to be scolded in front of the public. It’s the ego thing here which makes people react violently. The first reaction is by using swear words in front of the public which makes it worse. This makes the other person react violently.. One more factor is jealously of the other guy having more in life.

 Main reasons/situations for road rage.

a) People treat accidents as an unpardonable sin. It is not. An accident or a mishap is an incidental and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. It is an ACCIDENT. And it is not deliberate or done on purpose.

b) Imagine a situation where someone has banged your vehicle from behind and you in a fit of rage get out ton hit the person. Now imagine that the same person turns out to be your spouse or bro or parent or friend or may be sunny leonne. How would you react?

c) Most people bystanders on the road who are not connected to the accident would unnecessarily involved and try and hit the person out of sheer jealousy as they don’t own a car. Be wary of them. Have seen a cop on a bike breaking the wind shield of a car that had banged him while he was heard shouting….saala ac gaadi mein gumtha hai…

d) When you drive in a busy place like Mumbai it goes unsaid that dents , scratches here and there are like an occupational hazard. Learn to live with them e) To keep your cool while driving just switch on to your favourite FM and sing along. Ignore the traffic snarl and croon your stress away.

f) When a significant accident occurs just go with the other person to the police station and apply for insurance.

g) The first thing to understand in a road accident is never ever use swear words to incite the other person. And if the other man uses swear words do not get angry and infact just apologise even if it is not your mistake. The blame game actually takes a new meaning resulting in violence.

Men on the streets carry their tempers on their nose and are ready to explode any moment. Short tempers are on display even when people are not on the roads. Train journey too is full of violence and abuses. So people, be careful.

Road rage …Big deal man…Give me a BRAKE.

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