April 26, 2019

Rohingyas – Send Them Out

The Indian nation belongs to the citizens and not illegal entrants who might have entered the territory for a variety of reasons. Rohingya, Bangladeshis and a group of other peoples mainly Muslims are coming to India and settling down aided by a set of highly corrupt individuals. All these individuals have to booked for treason for allowing dangerous people into our country.

India as a nation has given a lot of its territory to appease the radical Muslims leading to violence and bloodshed against non-Muslims. For the sake of radical Muslims who could not live with Hindus, two nations namely Pakistan and Bangladesh have been created from the territory that belonged to Bharat. But the radical Muslims of these two countries want to enter India for a better life.

The worst among them are the Muslims of Pakistan who have no shame in funding, aiding, supporting terrorists who attack India. A few of these Pakistanis then seek visas to enter India for medical and other facilities and believe that it is their birth right. The Islamic republic of Pakistan has persecuted its non-Muslims and then a few of its Islamic citizens want to enter India for mysterious reasons. The question remains why should India allow people from nation that is hell bent of destroying India?

The citizens of Bangladesh mostly Muslims come to India to make a living. The nation having exploded with population cannot provide enough economic opportunities and thus there is a large scale movement of people into India. The corrupt individuals in India are happy to help the illegals with all the documentation for the sake of vote banks. These illegals have now become a violent force disturbing the lives of the regular citizens of India.

The Rohingya Muslims are the most dangerous group not because they are Muslims but because of their settling down in sensitive areas like Jammu and Kashmir. These illegals have crossed into India and have travelled all the way to Jammu and Kashmir and other radical ghetto is an indication that they are a security threat to the nation. These rohingya donot find it great to settle down in Bangladesh which was supposed to be a heaven for Muslims nor do they go into Pakistan to and settle down.

Every illegal radical islamist want to settle down in India and then wage a war against the country by attacking the regular citizens. These illegal Muslim entrants are a security threat and the proof is available internationally. The question than arises about the Hindu illegals residing in the country. There is neither historic nor geographic proof that conclusively proves that Hindus would blow up themselves for the creation of empire or something like it.

The myth of Saffron Terror going bust, it becomes clear that Hindus are never a threat to the security and would not indulge in mindless violence or attacks on other groups. Those crying for illegal Muslims entering our country should be considered as supporters of radical groups and their movements, funding be monitored. India is a nation that is always under security threat and we cannot let our guard down from both the external and internal enemies of the state.

People like Sashi who have no tears left for dead family members but have buckets of the same for the safety of illegals. The one thing that has to be drilled into the minds of the public, two nations were created for the sake of radical Muslims who could not live with Hindus and the Indians have considered it acceptable to give equal rights to all. This means that radical Muslims from foreign lands are not welcome to India and enjoy the perks of Indian democracy while their masters make plans to destroy the country from within.

India is infested with illegal entrants from all corners of our neighbor. While some have been contributing to the society by remaining peaceful a lot of them are doing illegal activities destroying the life of regular citizens. Rohingya belong to the latter case and so are the illegal Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. It is high time these Illegals are sent out packing to their fatherlands and lessen the burden on our nation. India has sacrificed a lot for the sake of intolerant minded groups and it is time we seek our own welfare first. The Secularism of our nation has made it possible that persecuted Hindus from the neighbor hood cannot make India their motherland while all other kinds of Illegals are supported by corrupt people of India. Now is the time to stop the radical Illegal Muslims from entering the country who are going to create security troubles for our nation more than any other group.

Picture Credit: @Prof_HariOm Screenshot from Twitter


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