April 20, 2019

Rumour mongering- The new weapon of Kashmiri separatists

imageKashmir has been on the boil with several incidents of violence being reported in the past two weeks. The question is could this violence have been avoided? It appears so since the statement made by a school girl cleared the air about an incident which had originally led to the problem.Going by this incident, it becomes clear that separatists have a new weapon on hand which has proven to be more dangerous than a gun. The weapon is called rumour mongering.
Violence erupted following the news that spread like wild fire in which it was stated that a school girl from Handwara had been molested by an army soldier. However the girl clarified before the magistrate that she was not molested by an army soldier. This allegation had led to the death of five persons as security forces fired at protesters during widespread. The statement made by the girl that she was not molested by an army soldier clearly shows that there an ugly intent to create commotion in Kashmir. At first the girl issued a video statement in which she said that she was assaulted by two boys on her way back from school.

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