May 21, 2019

Runaway Groom (Part 3 of 4)

Part 2

When I was working in Pune, Sophia Parmar was my colleague for some time. After some time she resigned to join another company in Bangalore; however, we stayed in touch and our friendship grew stronger. While working together, we would hang out every weekend. We promised to visit each other at least once in every quarter when she shifted to Bangalore. Other time we would be exchanging emails, chatting on messenger or talk on the phone for extended hours allowing telecom services to earn some revenue. Sophia was from a business family. In her family, other than her parents, she had one elder brother and one younger sister. Sophia was of my height, may be shorter by an inch or so, dusky complexion and pointed nose, shoulder length hairs, which she mostly used to tie as a small pony. She looked stunning. Had she taken this compliment seriously, she could have tried for modelling. An MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute, she always wanted to excel in Human Resource Management and Development. When together, we could talk about everything under the sun and one amongst our favourite topics was marriages and the kind of matches we were getting. Her parents had shown her at least 25 guys, and she rejected them all. On my side, after I broke my engagement with Niharika, my parents had permitted me to find girls for marriage with an apparent clause of “conditions apply.”

In the meantime, I got an opportunity to move to Mauritius for work, which, obviously I wouldn’t miss. So, just one month before my scheduled departure to Mauritius, in the month of August 2007, I travelled to meet Sophia in Bangalore. By that time, our friendship was more than two years old. As we were talking, I just casually told her, “Although it seems to be an excellent opportunity I don’t know how long I will be staying in Mauritius. I also don’t know how we will keep in touch. I wish you find a good match for yourself and get settled and maybe after marriage you can plan for your honeymoon in Mauritius.” Sophia was trying to find fun in it. She said, “Who wants to marry me? You know the kind of person I am and guys (with an exception of few, she winked), like dumb and dolls kind of girls and not those who can think.” I said, “Don’t worry. You will surely get, your type, a right kind of guy for you. It is just a matter of time. And if you couldn’t find any till my return from Mauritius, then I am always there and we will get married.” I saw her getting into thinking mode. She came to see me off at the airport.

She called me up one day and asked, “Is it possible for you to come to Bangalore on coming Saturday”? I inquired, “What happened”? She replied, “I talked to my parents and they have agreed to our marriage. They just want to speak to you before taking it with your parents.” I was like, WHAT? Anyway, to honour our relation, I travelled to Bangalore and checked-in to Le Meridian, Sankey Road. Sophia and her parents came to meet me. Uncle, though he knew me for few years, asked me several questions about my family, career plans and most importantly, about marriage plans with Sophia. I gave him exact and very appropriate answers and whenever I was finding myself lost, Sophiya was filling in for me. I asked, “What are you guys planning to do”? Aunty said, “Your uncle and I are thinking of getting you two married before you leave for Mauritius and then Sophia can also come with you.” My first response was, “It is not possible.” “I am yet to talk to my parents and even if they agree, two weeks is a very short time for them as well as for me to plan for marriage. Secondly, I have just about two weeks to travel to Mauritius. I need to prepare for it. It is a new place, new job, I have no idea how it will be and on top of that I do not need additional tension.” Uncle and aunty said almost at the same time, “We can think about the possibility of getting you guys married in court.” I said, “No.” Sophia interrupted, “Sanju, at least, we can try it.” I said, “Yes, we can but the possibility of making it happen at this notice is very bleak.” After spending another five minutes, they left the hotel. I had a return ticket for the same day. Next few days were a bit hectic and then my brother-in-law got a stroke.  The family of Sophia might have approached my family at this time in Himachal, but they didn’t respond.

On my scheduled day, I left for Mauritius. After that, I couldn’t keep in touch with Sophia. She sent me few emails but I couldn’t reply. I didn’t break this relation nor did I run away but the relationship got lost in time. Last I heard was that Sophia got married to IT Project Manager and is based in Los Angeles, California.  Finally, she found the kind of a guy she was looking for.

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Sanjeev Himachali, Pune

anjuSanjeev is seasoned Human Resources professional with a wealth of experience spanning across Manufacturing, Information Technology and Financial Services Industries. He is an Integral part of the Global HR Leadership Team which works on HR strategy development and deployment plan for all organizational level HR programs. Sanjeev has a well-rounded exposure to Business Operations and Delivery along with focused Human Resources assignments to understand people and people strategy. It Enables being a true Business Partner in deciding 

People Processes and making informed decisions by leveraging market intelligence. He is a strategic planner with experience in Organization Restructuring, Change Management, Organization Development and Talent Management. Sanjeev is a qualified Career and Performance Coach.

Specialties: Change Management, Organization Development, Performance Coaching, Career Coaching, HR Operations, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Green-field Legal CGreenfield Operations, Start-up, Learning, and Development, and Compensation and Benefits.

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