April 23, 2019



Lets travel back in time, its necessary to understand why this gang war on twitter streets evokes disgust toward those involved in this avoidable and futile exercise of hurling abuse, allegations at each other. Who stands to benefit from all this?

Last year in July some 150 SM supporters were invited, at that point of time it was a  different set of people heading the BJP IT CELL, however the allegation of incompetence were still leveled, besides many others, public moaning & name calling was the order for a few days with a #super150 what did it achieve? fortunately even though I had been invited I cud not travel, hence was spared the vitriol and abuse.

If we go back a little more in time say 2012-2013, pettiness is visible even then but it does not translate into an open gangwar on twitter streets.

Need to mention a few who worked hard and the withdrew into the background, did not lay claim  to any post or position. These are the true heroes of BJP.

Sharing a few pictures of the activity of enrolling voters for 2014 gen election, facilitating process of getting EPIC for public  at large.

Please discount the familiar faces these photos are not about them, but for those whom  you have not heard earlier or seen them work.

Will conclude with an Appeal please don’t destroy something that has been build by so much hard work by millions of supporters. Do not grudge your ambitions. Please do pursue them but in a more dignified manner. Sit across the table and resolve your issue, don’t make a public spectacle of it. This will demoralize others, 2019 is not far.

There is more to come , Story is not over yet.


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