April 23, 2019


2004 WAS NO VICTORY FOR Congress as was repeatedly claimed, it was an unholy opportunistic  alliance by the corrupt political parties in India. Peoples mandate was subverted. This had made a large section of society  unhappy. 26/11/2008 Mumbai terror attack in any & every country would have lead to a change of government, this did not happen in India, because media diverted and ensured the anger in the people was dissipated by the time 2009 general election were held. MY active participation in the political activities began for the first time in 2009 by associating with Friends of BJP. Social Media , Twitter in particular was just about finding acceptance, I started spending time on SM and also began hesitatingly to blog. BJP put up an inspid performance , there was no heart in the 2009 general election process, but that did not keep the pettiness of people in check, witnessed many unpleasant incidents, ignored those and continued to devote time, money and energy to FOBJP till sept2011, in this duration, blogging had become a regular part of my routine, India against Corruption came and went, did what ever little I could for this and the quickly disassociated from it.

My association with FRIENDS OF BJP  came to an abrupt closure post the event at jai hind college,

 Videos of Q& A session of this event if you wish to watch please click the link http://ioretradingindia.blogspot.in/2011/09/being-apolitical-is-it-best-way-forward.html

Those who were called supporters started to play politics among its own members. Personal insecurity of some lead them to indulge in these activities. These disagreements did not lead to public spat since the person  in  the eye of the storm, did not think  much of Social Media and would often mock us for using it so extensively. Why  there were no ugly public spats,

1)BJP had not formed the govt at the center

2) Social Media was just gaining ground,

3) no personal ambition for post & power

4) no desire to be a hanger on in the political arena.

5)the person responsible was not using SM

After disassociating from FOBJP, there was a lull even though we were aware we cud not leave things as they were,  Transition beyond twitter the first tweetup was held on 03rd Nov 2012. The intervening time between Sept 2011 & Nov 2012 was extensively used by me on Social

Media, this naturally lead to an exponential increase in number of followers and people that interacted with on a daily basis. Mumbai tweetup was followed by events in Pune, Puri and Delhi, this did not mean it was a trouble free period of activity. Allegations galore as was the norm  word scam was liberally used even for these events. Pettiness and jealousies were visible, ignored most of the time, there was nothing to be gained by engaging with those who were motivated by lust for power and glory, our purpose, goal was neither. This phase also ended  on 21st Oct 2013 at  Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhni at Uttan Village.




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Again this did not degenerate into an ugly pulic spat on twitter, 1)BJP had not  won the general elections 2) Social Media by now was very important, 3) no personal ambition for post & power4) no desire to be a hanger on in the political arena.

This is the concluding part of the piece that I began a few days ago.What we are witnessing is “Success has many fathers” Hope better sense will prevail all round. . Repeat my  Appeal please don’t destroy something that has been build by so much hard work by millions of supporters. Donot grudge you your ambitions. Please do pursue them but in a more dignified manner. Sit across the table and resolve your issue, don’t make a public spectacle of it. This will demoralize others, 2019 is not far. There are many whose photos don’t appear in this series it not to ignore their contribution. This article is purely about BJP SM supporters.

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