April 21, 2019


“Success has many fathers”is a time tested idom. What we are witnessing is precisely that right now.

These are no patriots & nationalists. All we have are greedy individuals squabbling for the spoils post victory.

This gentleman has taken the lead in posting his feeling on twitter, I share his sense of distress & anguish, what transpired on 22&23rd of may was not very flattering for the entire lot of RW. We are overlooking the fact that there are supporters who work on the ground and many of them have lost their lives while working for the party, should we ignore their sacrifice just because they are no more and no one to speak on their behalf. Wake up before it’s too late. supporters on SM have their assigned role but it does not take away the importance of millions who work on the ground.

I am as pained and concerned equally as the person who wrote this letter screen shots  posted.




I do have a few question of my own, which I intend to pose here? These are no reflection on any person & protagionist in the ongoing tussel.

I came to know on 24th May that Mr. Arvind Gpta no longer heads the BJP IT CELL.

Who headsthe IT cell now? When did the change occure? Why did it happen? Who all were in contentionfor the post? Was this publicised? Was itdone in a transparent manner?




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This story does not end here to be continued.

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