April 19, 2019

RWs: Time to Channelize Energy

While remaining loyal to nation and all who are working for nation building it is important that we look within and realign our energies in more constructive assignments.

An online survey with three main option to choose from

(1) Fighting New Traders

(2) Sharing Devp News and

(3) Promoting Self … resulted in RWs giving over 60% to Fighting News Traders.

While this is voluntary work done by Modi fans and well wishers it throws a lot of questions. What is BJP social media team doing? What is Ministry of I&B doing to discourage MSM from airing misleading news? What are the compulsions to fight News Traders?

Well all RWs are either in job or business, some are senior citizens too. All have reasons to spend their precious time in quality work. RWs have their own way of supporting MODI. The plus side with RWs is that they have their own typical style of supporting MODI. Some do, some over do but they are good at heart and they do it with full conviction. :-))

Coming to main issue of RWs – major part of their time goes in firefighting. Now this is something that needs to be considered/addressed by all. Mandar @MandarSawant184  has rightly pointed out we need to share at least two constructive news daily. Imagine the power of RWs. We don’t have to run after hashtags. We live in real world and we have enough of constructive news to be shared.

RWs don’t take money so they speak their heart out. Modi well wishers come in different shades. Not everyone is on twitter. Twitter is the ring for free style fight with News Traders. MODIs real fan who supported him during demonetization are not on twitter. But a big population is on WhatsApp. From photoshopped images to misleading content, it’s full of anti BJP content. They need to be motivated in the language they understand. While Mann Ki Baat is an Official broadcast and has it’s limitation, BJP should think about this issue on war footing basis. The party is in government with 282 seats and needs to find remedies on it’s own instead of banking on Modi fans. Modi fans keep themselves busy in fire fighting out of compulsion. Flip side is many anti nationals have become overnight hero as Modi fans rubbed them on wrong side with facts. Trust this changing now. Have noticed few FIR and legal notice sent to some news traders. This should gather speed and run like fare meter of Mumbai Taxis.

I have personally shared many such content with BJP office bearers and they have helped with rebuttal. Now is the time that Amit Shah and Modiji creates a proper platform where any misleading information in any form or medium is uploaded by the Modi fans. Same should be managed by BJP – Social Media, IT and Legal team. Daily update by a dedicated twitter handle and same on facebbook and whatsapp should be shared. This would ease the burden on RWs and in real sense motivate them to not only share two or more good news but also spend time on more constructive activities.

Apart from sharing two good news RWs can also invest their energies in any of the social cause that is close to their heart. They can promote KHADI, PMKY or even help popularise a scheme like Operation Smile . Nation can benefit in a big way.


Let us channalize our energy in one social cause of our choice. Just in case if that happens to be one of the initiatives of the state or central government then it would be icing on the cake.

Share your views.



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