February 19, 2019

Saboteurs of BJP

BJP being the only political party with unclear line of succession indicates that it is the most democratic political party. It is for this democracy that many a sabotage incidents are conducted by one group of members against another. Most of the times the sabotage incidents do not come clear until the last moment but several cases have come to light which have lead to the rout of the party in several states at different times. In other cases the saboteurs have ensured the supporters of the party desert it. Inspite of all this incidents the saboteurs rule the roost without any backlash from the party unless the saboteur hurts personalities on a individual basis. If the current leadership of the BJP who are perceived to more honest than the previous batch, then it is time to dismiss the back stabbers or in the worst case reduce the powers in the hands of the back stabbers.

The saboteurs escape every time is because the leaders do not seem to have the ownership of the party and seem to take on the mantle for the time being. It is the supporters down the line who bear the brunt most of the time and most of their efforts and aspirations have been allowed to go down the gutters. The ownership of the political party is neither with the party supporters, nor it is with the BJP party bosses nor is it with the RSS. BJP is like an organization that runs only on the whim of the CEO and if he is good the party does well and if he is bad the party fares badly. The party has little meaning in its existence and has no credible vote banks to fall back on. Everything leads to the issue of ownership. In any other political party the saboteurs would be shunted out and ensured that they cannot make much impact outside the party, unless he is a top notch performer in political arena. Let us see the some of the saboteurs of BJP and their contribution to the party.

L K Advani: The grand old man of BJP should be credited for being at the helm and giving teeth to the BJP during its formative years. For all his sabotaging activities he remained mostly loyal to the ideology until his aspirations began to blind his ideology. The statement of Jinnah being secular is not his first sabotage act not it was his last. His seeking apology from congress president Sonia is the biggest sabotage act that this old man has performed. Apart from these two his hand in the dismissal of a popular CM of Karnataka along with his minions can never be forgiven by any sane supporter of the party.  The old man’s opposition to Modi being made the PM candidate is another failure of this internal saboteur and the great man has fallen to the level of ordinary mortal in the eyes of many. The LohPurush has become LobhPurush in the eyes of many of the party supporters and yet he is respected by the party leaders for his past works.

Maneka Gandhi: Top political decisions happen in dubious situations and the compulsions of political parties are even more bizarre for ordinary citizens. It is always amazing to know that the mother-son due have little contribution to the party except for some caste or sympathy votes. The mother-son duo are in utter disdain for the ideology of the party and its supporters and yet the leadership seems to fail to take any action or try to set the matters right. The PFA activists attacking news has been suppressed at lightning speed and only time will tell how many sabotage incidents this mother son due have played to get at the top leadership. What is the contribution of the mother-son due to the party as a whole that makes them indispensible to the party? The laws passed by this minister and her hobnobbing with anti-BJP fellas is most disturbing but when saboteurs are respected by the leadership who have no sense of owner ship, nothing can be done and there is little hope in the party.

Arun Jaitley: The most powerful minister in the BJP is this man who goes on with his work of cess, tax and lecturing the world about how well the Indian growth story is. But little he does to ensure that the real corrupt friend of his is taken to task and the citizens of this country are given justice.  Nothing in intention no action reveals that this minster is serious about the manifesto of the party as he moves in his sphere of influence releasing books of his favorites who are the most bitter against the party that he supposedly work for. The unelectable Jaitley realizes that there is no owner of the party and he cannot be made accountable nor questioned by anyone because of some past history goes about doing favors to people who are hell bent of destroying BJP in general and Hindus in particular. He is another big saboteur for the BJP in the future. The minister dubious relations with the NDTV channel known for money laundering and his favors to the ex finance minister are highly questionable and it appears that BJP is slow on acting against the corrupt.

Apart from these three well known saboteurs there are many flatters and good for nothing ministers in the Modi cabinet who keep ranting development every other second. It is one thing that Modi repeats development but it is a complete different things for his minions to repeat the same without delivering on Modi’s promises. The disasters HRD are too complex to solve and yet the minster does not seem to be working for the BJP agenda as they have an agenda of their own. It is time to make it clear to the supporters as to who are the owners of the political party. In most other parties the owner ship is clear and most of them are private limited companies exempted from taxes. But BJP being public limited company and nobody seem to own it and many of its members seem to be deviating from the agenda of the party. Time to rein in the saboteurs and ensure that the agenda of BJP and its ministers are corrected in time for the next round of mega elections.

Picture Credit: BJP e-Library


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