May 23, 2019

Sacred Farmers

In India there is respect for the farmer as he is considered as the “ANNA DAATA” the provider of food. We have collectively been struck in millennia old philosophy of ANNA DAATA and it is high time we realize and check the ANNA DATA to know the truth about the sector. The so called ANNA DAATA aka farmer is united across geographies to create havoc in the life of the customers of the farmers. There might not be any other system where both the buyers and sellers are suffering alternately and also regularly. The buyers claim high price and the sellers claim low price. This is an indication that those in the middle are getting buttered all the time. There is a lot of artificial intervention of non market forces in manipulation of the prices.

The news traders are happy in glorifying the poverty of farmers but these people do not show the wealth of those rich farmers who make hundreds of crores from very small land holdings. The poor farmers take loans and unable to repay them allegedly commits suicide as he is having no other personal problems like the countless faceless citizens who commit suicide on a daily basis. Only a coward, mentally troubled person can commit suicide and the issue could not be put on the society in any way and it is only a local problem needing a local solution and not a global solution.

The false gods of the Sacred Farmers use the so called landless, jobless farmers to create riots and destroy crores of public property. The problem that is afflicting the farming community business is the lack of transparency and desire of rich farmers to make more money. If anyone has to be blamed it is the farming community itself for mess they have become. There is nothing Sacred in what the farmers are doing these days as they are also part of economy and are involved in business like many others. If any one cannot make the profits in a business it is not the failure of the customers but of businessman only and he alone has to work to make his business run.

The government is giving everything to the alleged Sacred Farmers and the crores of rupees spent in the name of subsidy. Starting from seeds, fertilizer, equipment and finally ending up with insurance and also MSP but the Sacred Farmer is not satisfied with the payments. The hardworking farmers are putting double efforts to repay the loans taken from the banks but the lazy ones and the mischievous Sacred Farmers are doing politics to extract more public wealth. This bigotry of Sacred Farmers has to be brought to an end and the Farmers should be brought down from the sacred pedestal and only then the emotional blackmail by anti-Indian forces would end.

There is no need to shed crocodile tears for the suicides of a farmer nor is there any reason to treat the farming business with kid gloves. The money bag Sacred farmers are too much politically connected and have ensured the luxury of their lives in the name of being farmers. The education of the farmers has also lagged and if not many steps are taken then there would more troubles and transfer of public money into a few private accounts take place. The government should stop giving too much subsidies to the farmers in every step of farming activity. The NREGA seemed to have distorted the labour economics and hence adversely affected the farming business. The homogenizing of the wages is another mental bigotry that doesnot consider the local variables.

The job of the government is to build the public infrastructure. If any business community wants any other facility it should work with the government for the development of the infrastructure and the relation between the government and any business community should end there. The powerful lobbies of rich Sacred farmers distort the relation between the government and the businessmen. It is not only the ambani, adani corruption but the bigger corruption taken place under the veil of Sacred Farmer while we collectively shed crocodile tears.

The ways to bring in transparency is to create the necessary minimum documentation regarding the activities of the farmer. The farmer owning land is free to choose any crop but the government should provide the list of crops that the farmer can choose depending on the geography, water requirements and other farming factors. If a farmer wants public money as subsidy then he should work within the government rules and agricultural framework. The farm land has to be linked to the farmer using aadhar to ensure that the same land is not used multiple times for claiming subsidy. All the subsidy and other doles should be provided depending the crop the farmer chooses and the farmer be forced to pay for the insurance of his crop. The government should provide a platform for trading of the farm produce and ensure that nobody monopolizes the trading activity and ensure fairness.

The government should not be the only buyer of all farm produce and the quality factor should be prioritized because only this parameter would ensure that the laziness of Sacred farmers would be kept away. If a farmer fails to make a decent produce in consecutive years, then the question be asked if the farmer is doing his work only to claim the government subsidy. If not the farmer should be forced to take some training and correct this business activity.  Education of farmers is the most important and it has to be drilled into the thick skulls of the Sacred Farmers that they are no longer Sacred and are just businessmen out there to make a living doing the job that they have been doing over the years.

But our governments want to cultivate the farmers as loyal vote banks and go out of their ways to appease this community with loan waivers and other scams. A businessman taking loans has to show the assets he has created for the money taken but the subsidy to the farmers has no such assets created. There are some businesses where assets are not created and it is not the job of the public to fund the same frauds regularly. The farmer should do his business in profits or should quit and there is no point in bragging about the Sacredness of the profession and begging for funds.

Sacred Farmer is a long lost tradition and there will be always someone or other to feed a billion as it provides an avenue to make money. Feeding a billion mouths is a huge business opportunity and there would not be any jacking of prices if the government ensures fair trade practices not the way it is being done now. The farmers who take loans and repay them in time and those who make profitable business of farming are not considered as Sacred Farmers because for them their profession is Sacred.

Picture Credit: Rishabh Lens


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