April 21, 2019

Saffron Terrorises Congress thru ballot not bullet

After state of jammu & Kashmir, Assam in the North East India  has taken a fancy to saffron cultivation, while Kerala & West Bengal are taking baby step toward this.

The phenomenon of Saffron terror that P. chidambram had alluded to in 2010 followed by s.k shinde who had made more outrageously hilarious claims are coming true.




Saffron terror has indeed decimated congress via ballot & not thru bullet/bomb as congress wanted Indians to believe.



Assembly election results have left Congress in complete shambles, will take a long time for it to recover from this shock.

Writing is on the wall eject Gandhis to survive or face extinction.Lust for power with the dynasty & its slaves is such, shud congress recoup a small part of the lost ground, dynasty will resurface to stake its claim.

This story will not be complete without mentioning two other players 1 Con Nostrodamus  who is he?

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Read the tweets & he reinforces your faith in him, his predictions have that prophetic quality.


Other is Mr Rashid alvi who uses google to protect his eyes from Sunlight & goggles to search for information on the www no  wonder he claims that Mr Modi is the most stupid Prime Minister in the world.


WISH TO WATCH THIS VIDEO ON VIMEO CLICK LINK https://vimeo.com/167369802


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