May 24, 2019

Open Letter To Sakshi Malik, From Indian Woman

Dear Sakshi,


I along with one billion Indians congratulate you on ur Rio win. You have made every Indian proud and most of all you have made every Indian girl proud who has ever been told “this is not for girls” or “girls can’t do it”

When you defeated Aisulu Tynybekov, you actually defeated more than just another sports rival. You defeated every parent who ever stopped their daughter from pursuing her dream because she is a “girl”. You defeated every parent who thought a girls dream should start with playing doll houses and end up making the perfect round chapati for her husband. You also defeated those parents who thought a child can only be a doctor, engineer, lawyer or may be a chartered accountant. And you defeated those relatives whose first question has always been “when are you getting married”. Oh and those too who keep advising the mother “don’t let her go out, ladki jawan ho rahi hai bahar mat bheja karo zamana kharab hai” :))

Today when everyone talks about female infanticide to be highest in Haryana, you defeated that ultrasound machine and the doctor who announced rather sadly “sorry it’s a girl”. You defeated every one responsible of killing a girl in the womb because “it’s a girl”.

Today when Haryana is discussed for “khap panchayats” you defeated each one who ever said “this is not meant for girls”. You created history in a sport that has been rather male dominated, at least in our country. To achieve your goal you too must have gone through hurdles of bad sports infrastructure, almost zero encouragement from the system and other social biases, you defeated them all. You defeated that corrupt system where a person who takes out his car to get mirchi from a shop ten meters away, sits and decides the fate of our sports. You defeated that politician who holds sports office though the only sport he ever played could be snakes and ladder.

And today at Rio you defeated those arm-chair experts who were passing verdict on your game sitting in the posh AC living rooms or TV studios. You defeated them who were worried when will you “settle” in life.

On behalf of every girl who dared to dream, I thank you for being the inspiration. Being a girl from a small town who had to give up her dreams for many of these reasons, I wish you luck and once again thank you, may no one has to “compromise” and “settle” and can quote your example to fight for her dreams henceforth.

Sona Roy


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Sona Roy (@Sona2905) is Strong believer in right wing ideology, avid traveller, photographer, occasional writer, interested mainly in history, architecture and studying ancient Indian scriptures


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