May 22, 2018

#SakshiMaharaj: No Loose Canon – Facts Speak for Themselves


Meerut Police lodged a FIR against Sakshi Maharaj for stating kundu the obvious. Population statistics do not lie. Facts and figures do not come with a “Secular” or “Communal” tag. Fudging facts might enhance “Secular” credentials. In Kolkata, Shahi Imam issued a fatwa against PM Modi and placed a bounty of Rs 25 lakhs if anyone is successful in tonsuring Modi’s head. No FIR against the Imam. No outrage against him as well . A Saffron clad guy is booked for calling a spade a spade. Four Wives and Forty Kids might be a hyperbole but Sakshi Maharaj underscored the importance of scarce resources and ticking population bomb. People who disagree with him should challenge him with facts. Right to Dissent? Anyone? The “Fence Sitters” will just cry hoarse. They know their chances are slim. Data points towards unpleasant truth.


If FIR against Sakshi Maharaj is not fought aggressively, we might see a repeat of Kamlesh Tiwari incident. Would BJP let it go the ‘Tiwari’ way? It’s an open ended question. Why any statement against Muslims is considered “Blasphemy” by Secular messiahs? Kamlesh Tiwari rots in jail while Imams spew venom against Prime Minister of the country. Intolerance inhibited!!!

Let’s stand with Sakshi on perils of ever increasing population. The government cannot dole out freebies to people. Resources are scare. Optimization is the need of the hour.

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  • kpp1991

    The pseudo secular intelligentsia will cry foul, that is their DNA. But hey Hindus, please wake up. Every bit what Sakshi Maharaj uttered is basic obvious facts that will alarm anybody with cultural affinity to Hindustan. Whilst we don’t have latest figures of population explosion religious wise – the last being 2011 as I gather – the latest figures would be scary and in the least, thought provoking to every Hindu struggling to maintain his diminishing identity in Hindustan, The Muslims would, according to my presumption, easily be ranging in the 29% threshold and as is in their doctine, the moment they cross the 30-40% benchmark, ownership demands, nationhood, separate state, et al… commences using their aggressive political unity, money power, religious fundamentalism so on and so forth. It will be bye bye to Bharat. Let there be more Sakshi Majarajs to keep the slumbering Hindus alert occasionally at least to prevent from withering away.