February 19, 2019

#SasikalaDay: OP(eration)S(uccessful)


On Valentines Day, the transition from Poes Garden to Jail Garden seems “Natural Justice”, thanks to the apex court. The spirit of Amma would inspire Chinamma’s gardening skills. When life throws shit at you, you build gardens!!

Will MLAs at Golden Bay Resorts find virtue in OPS? OPP(ortunism)? It’s unfortunate they have to give up the luxuries of the resort. Supreme Court has done a “Surgical Strike” on “Resort Politics”

What comes after “Resort Politics”? “Remote Politics” or “Proxy Rule” perfected by none other than Madam SoniaJi and “Raincoat” Manmohan SinghJi. Sasikala may appoint a proxy. Possibilities are endless.

Floor test is the only way forward to  put an end to current imbroglio.


Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter and Satish Acharya


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