April 21, 2019

Satya Narayan Vrat Katha Comes Alive for Political Parties

Price of telling lie

One may lie to Hon. Supreme Court of India also but there is no escape from God Almighty and self. Many a times I have heard people saying “Apna Desh Bhagwan Bharose Chal Raha Hai”. True. Bhagwan gives opportunity to improve and once he acts then there is no escape.

Bhagwan never says No. You say and it is answered. All corrupt claiming that they don’t have ill gotten money and they are just ordinary people, now onward is the time “You are bound to become Ordinary, back to your origin”. :-))

This brings us to the chapter in Shree Satya Narayan Vrat Katha where father of Kalawati tells the sadhu “Is navka main Bail aur Patra hain” and everything turns to Bail and Patra.

Ones making the noise and upset with Demonetisation have turned their fortune to Bail and Patra. The biggest barrier in real life today is Modi is not Bhagwan Shree Satya Narayan and Bail Patra will remain as it is. They can’t go back to original form.

Kejriwal landing in Varanasi and saying I have only INR 500, Didi playing Mesiaah of the poor and claiming no chit fund scam, Behanji claiming BSP only shelter for backward caste and Muslim, Congress claiming Zero loss, etc

Cz3kAUcUQAAYShL (2)Citizens are not fool to get carried away. They want to take revenge from all these political big wig. After 2014 voting, Demonetisation came as bonus revenge opportunity for the Nationalists to speak their heart out and that is the reason why they supported the move despite pain. There are thousands of mails sent to the email id shared by the government to get information on black money hoarders. I guess and trust that if government just goes after all the individual accounts, HNI and companies with ROC and MSME who have sudden jump in their turnover just like Behanji’s brother than a lot can be achieved without going through the mails even. The icing on cake would be the day when government asks citizens to declare their fixed assets. BENAAMI property will further break the bones of the these people.

Time to speak the truth. Bhagwan Shree Satya Narayan will not discourage anyone.

Picture Credit: Daily Mail DNA Indif.Com


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