May 27, 2019

Save Family Foundation and their Demands

WHY FatherS DAY ?  While Father’s day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June each year and people across globe celebrate the love, the sacrifices that a Father does for his child, we in India sometimes forget to even acknowledge fatherhood. We just tend to ignore the bond between the Father & child and so does the laws and the judiciary.

In today’s era when everyone seems to be talking about women empowerment, there’s a huge fanfare in the society and media around women’s day, mothers day etc but Father’s day is seems go unnoticed giving a clear message of ignorance  of contribution and sacrifices  by men and the rising hatredness towards men (Misandry) in the society.

There has been a sea change in the society and specially the family system in India in the last couple of decades and the Divorce rate is ever rising, resulting in lot of Fathers being deprived from seeing their own child and the society moving towards a Father-less society like in the west.

THE LEGAL ANGLE : While in other parts of the world,  the matrimonial disputes are handled in the civil courts, in India there are criminal provisions (498- A, DV, CrPC 125 etc) which are highly misused against the husband and most of the matrimonial cases, the husband who is also a Father is treated as a criminal which directly impact the life n liberty, the self esteem of the Man and also his rights as a Father. In such situations, in more than 95% cases, sole custody of children is given to the mothers and Fathers are let to run around in the courts to get visitation rights of a few hours in a month to see his own child.

Fathers are asked to pay the maintenance and expenses for the upbringing of the child but in most cases Fathers are deprived of the rights of a Father. And also the rights of the child to have access to both parents.

THE SOCIAL ANGLE:  There have been cases where Fathers have gone into deep depression or even committed suicide because of the child alienation.

There have been studies which have shown that children coming from broken families, Fatherless up bringing are more prone resorting to drugs, alcoholism and crime .

Cease where children at a very young age are running away from homes, getting into juvenile crimes, drugs, prostitution are at a rise.

THE NGO: Save Family Foundation

Save Family Foundation is part of the Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement which has been working on the social cause of promoting family and marital harmony since 2005. The movement is 40+ NGOs strong which are non-funded, non-profit and absolutely non-commercial. The movement has helped over 20 crores Indians in past 10 years by providing community help to them. These help reaches out to the victims via internet (200+ blogs, 10+ websites, 30+ email groups, e-magazines etc), mobile (SIF-One android App, multiple phone helplines), Single Number helpline (8882 498 498), free weekly meetings at 25+ locations, 6+ international groups. The movement focuses primarily on Men Suicide in India because of distress caused by Misuse of various Gender Based Laws. SIF as a flag-bearer of men, family, Father, parent, child rights in Indian subcontinent have represented to many Government authorities and committees to protect the human rights of Men.

THE EVENT: Today, the 19 June’ 2016, the Fathers rights activists all gather at 4:PM at the Rajeev Chowk Inner circle, New Delhi and raise a voice against the biased treatment of the Fathers in the family courts, for the rights of the Fathers and their children, for the harmony in the society through various awareness campaigns, Mukhauta theater group will preform street play ( the golden hug), there would be public interaction, distribution of gifts to the little ones by the alienated Fathers, Sifar group launches its website dedicated to the Fathers and pays tribute to the love and the sacrifices of a Father. This entire event will be shot, uploaded on the youtube and promoted on the social media simultaneously.         This is going to be one of its kind social awareness event for Father’s rights in India in the recent times.

THE DEMANDS: Through this campaign, the activists demand:

  • Shared parenting to be Law in India as it is in most parts of the world and the guidelines by the Mumbai High-court on shared parenting to be strictly followed by other family courts across India.
  • Formation of National Commission For Men to look into the rights of Fathers and rising suicides by the alienating Fathers in India
  • Separating Child Ministry from Women and child ministry which has failed to watch the rights of the children to have access to their Fathers’s for a balanced upbringing.

 Swarup Sarkar    Wasif Ali    Amit Lakhani  Ritwik Bisaria      Rajneesh & Dalvinder

(Founder Member) (Treasurer)   (Coordinator)  (PR Manager)      (Event Coordinators)


Press Release received from Barkha Trehan